‘Once Upon a Time’ 3.10 Episode Recap and Review: The New Neverland

Pan plays a new game in this episode of Once Upon A Time! ‘The New Neverland’ was a great episode that will lead into what looks like a big mid-season finale.

Back in the past, the story takes place just after Regina threatened Charming and Snow in their wedding. Snow reacts excessive, proposing to spend the honeymoon in the summer house of her parents. She makes plans behind Charming, but he notices it and finally, they both try to catch Medusa.

During the battle against Medusa, Charming is turned into stone and Regina appears in the mirror of one shield, very happy with her success. It’s then when Snow had an idea, and using the shield, she faces Medusa, and the monster turns into stone because she sees her reflection in the shield.

Snow and Charming spend the rest of their honeymoon together and happy!

Nowadays and finally in Storybrooke, all seems to go perfect: Everyone is alive, every family is together again and Regina is a hero. The return brought a lot of happy reunions.

The conversation between Hook and Neal was pretty interesting, let’s see if Hook really stops fighting or if Neal have some chances with Emma… But Emma has a bad feeling with Henry, no time to worry about her own heart. Despite that everyone says to her that she feels strange because Henry decided to go with Regina, she seeks for the truth.

Pan gets underway and liberates the shadow while he simulates to be the perfect son with Regina. Pan’s shadow kills Blue Fairy, making it clear that Pan is willing to let them suffer.

I reacted more to Emma’s behavior than the death. Someone’s screaming and she’s worried about Hook and Tink? Interesting…

Regina takes “Henry” to her crypt, the safer place in the town. Meanwhile, Emma convinces her parents and they talk with Rumple, who helps them to look for the truth by opening Pandora’s box… “Mum!” says Pan when he sees Emma, and after a few confusing minutes, the truth is revealed: Pan has changed his minds with Henry. Henry’s mind is inside Pan’s body.

While Henry doesn’t have any distinct mannerisms for Robbie Kay to lock into, it was just fun to see the actor as a nice boy rather than the smarmy villain.

They went onto Regina’s crypt but it’s late. Pan has won this time, taking the curse from the crypt, and he’s ready to use it against Storybrooke, make them forget who they are and build a New Neverland.

Best Quote:
Charming- “I fell in love with you on a troll bridge. After you robbed me. And hit me over the head with a rock. I knew what I was getting into.”

Things to Ponder:
If the curse is cast again will Storybrooke go back to having no magic? Will Regina ‘lose’ her happy ending there and have no memory too? Will Charming be in a coma again or married to Katherine…?


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