Cillian Murphy Chats about His Latest Movie Project

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is returning to the big screen, this time in the flick, Small Things Like These.

While the project, which is an adaptation of Claire Keegan’s novel, is still in the “optioned” stage of development, it has been given the go-ahead by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s new production company Artists Equity.

Additionally, it’s reported that principal photography on the film has begun in Ireland. Also signed on to the production are Ciarán Hinds, Emily Watson, and Ian O’Reilly.

Murphy, 46, is also set to be a producer on the film, which will see him reunited with director Tim Mielants, who he worked with on Peaky Blinders

The Story of Small Things Like These

The story, which is set in Christmas 1985, is described as being similar to a Charles Dickens tale as devoted father Bill Furlong (played by Murphy) discovers the shocking secrets being kept by the convent in his town and some damning truths about his own life as well.

“I’m honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to bring Claire Keegan’s magnificent novel to the screen,” Murphy confesses. “We have gathered together a phenomenal team of creatives to make this film, and found exceptional partners in AE, a studio led by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – actors and filmmakers I have admired for many years.”

Life post-Peaky Blinders has the star admitting he prefers “melancholic” roles. And you likely won’t ever see him in a romantic comedy.

“I’ve always been interested in stuff that is — I don’t want to say on the darker side. Because that’s too reductive — the melancholic, or the ambiguous, or the more transgressive. That, to me, is drama. That is where the real stuff is to be mined. I’m not interested in romantic comedies. I’m just not. In all the great films or literature or plays, they’re the things I’m interested in.” Murphy states. “That’s not to say they can’t be funny: [the playwright Samuel] Beckett is funny; Enda [Walsh] is very funny. But getting into those knotty, difficult, uncomfortable places — I really find that stimulating.”

Cillian Murphy’s Additional Upcoming Movies

Murphy currently has two additional projects in development, including Hippie Hippie Shake, where he’ll star alongside Sienna Miller and Chris O’Dowd, and 28 Months Later, the third film in the 28 Days Later franchise. Additionally, he’ll star in this summer’s Oppenheimer as J. Robert Oppenheimer.


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