‘Gran Turismo’ Movie Review: A High Octane Thrill Ride That Will Touch Your Heart

Gran Turismo Movie Review

I’m not typically one that’s into movies about fast cars. I’ve been underwhelmed by the Fast and Furious franchise more than enough times. So it’s easy for me to roll my eyes when it comes to a movie like Gran Turismo. Even though, yes, I realize the story is entirely different. That being said, this film pleasantly surprised me. Thankfully, it was much more similar to Ford v. Ferrari than Fast X.

Neill Blomkamp’s Gran Turismo is based on the incredible true story of a racing team of underdogs. The team includes a gamer named Jann (played by Archie Madekwe), a failed former racecar driver named Jack (David Harbour), and a visionary motorsport executive named Danny (played by Orlando Bloom). These three come together to risk it all as they take on one of the world’s most elite sports. Check out the film’s trailer below.

Gran Turismo Movie Trailer

Gran Turismo Movie Review: What I Liked And Didn’t Like

Gran Turismo clocks in at 2 hours and 15 minutes, providing a solid dose of entertainment the entire time. It’s a classic underdog story with heart, action, and a lot of positivity. And in a way, it reminds me of 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick. While not as strong of a film, I was almost as entertained.

So, what works well here? Let’s start with the script.

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Foundationally, this movie was solid. Where other films in this genre fall short, this one provides a breath of fresh air with its script. It didn’t forget to focus on the human element amidst all the high-octane action. And the end result is a movie that is not only entertaining but also one that leaves you smiling and feeling connected to the characters.

When we first meet Jann, the main character, we learn that life isn’t going in his favor. Racing is his passion. And he’s hella good at the Gran Turismo video game. However, he’s a salesman at a local clothing store, and his father isn’t really supportive of the big picture that Jann wants for his life. Thankfully, this doesn’t slow Jann down from having dreams of translating his video game skills to the real world.

And that dream becomes a reality when Danny Moore enters the picture. The Nissan motorsport executive pitches a crazy marketing idea, and Nissan gives him the go-ahead. He will gather together the best Gran Turismo video game players, train them, and then the winner will earn a spot on Team Nissan—not to mention a place in history.

It’s a pretty crazy story. But as a viewer, it’s easy to become emotionally invested.

Gran Turismo
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It can be easy to write off films based on video games. We’ve seen only a small handful of movies in this space done really well – and even fewer acted really well.

The core cast here all deliver strong performances. Archie Madekwe brings a charming innocence to the screen, along with a palpable passion for racing. It’s impossible not to root for his character as you see all the challenges (and trauma) he faces.

David Harbour also does a great job here, channeling a little bit of his Stranger Things‘ character, Hopper, in this role. Then there’s Orlando Bloom, who doesn’t have as much depth to his character here as the main actors. However, he still delivers a fine performance


Gran Turismo is a feel-good movie full of action, heart, and a lot of fun. It’s not an award-season contender. But it’s a solid sports biopic. And overall, it’s a wonderful summer flick that is perfect to watch with your friends, family, or significant other.

Gran Turismo Movie Review: 

Grade: B+

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