Netherworld Haunted House Returns to Dragon Con: Unleashing Fear, Fantasy, and the Power of Horror!

Netherworld 2023

Horror fans are in for a terrifying treat as Netherworld Haunted House returns to Dragon Con 2023 in Atlanta!

From spine-chilling creatures, mind-blowing costumes, and, of course, the Halloween spirit, Netherworld is back and better than ever for the new haunt season. And just like in previous years, Netherworld will be in the Dragon Con parade tomorrow morning (with multiple vehicles, an extravagant float, new characters, and fan-favorite characters).

Additionally, fans can get a taste of what’s to come this Halloween season by visiting Netherworld’s booth in the Atlanta Marriott Marquis (Marquis level). They’ll be recruiting actors, taking photos with attendees, and sharing additional information about this year’s horrifying haunts! There should always be at least one monster there and ready to take photos with fans.

Let’s back up for a minute. New to the world of Dragon Con? Wondering what exactly it is? The convention, which is held annually during Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, is renowned as the largest multi-genre and pop culture convention in the world!

Every year, tens of thousands of fans from comic books, sci-fi, cosplay, and gaming gather to celebrate their favorite characters and fantasy realms. And every year since Dragon Con launched in 1997, Netherworld has sponsored the official Dragon Con Parade broadcast on WUPA-TV, Atlanta 69.

Netherworld 2023
Photo Credit: Netherworld

Netherworld Is Unveiling New Characters at Dragon Con 2023

So, what do we know about this year’s new characters? Netherworld Haunted House Co-Creator, Ben Armstrong, gave us a hint of what fans can expect.

“During the Dragon Con parade, we will be introducing icon characters from our main haunt theme this year, PRIMORDIAL, on our float. Parade attendees can expect to see the leaders of each of the factions: water, fire, ice, and Earth. Plus, a ton of the minions of the ice creatures, water creatures, and more will be marching alongside the float,” Armstrong teased. “The second float representing our second haunt theme, CRYPTID CHAOS, will feature Moth Man, Big Foot, and more iconic monsters. There will also be many cryptids marching alongside this one. And if that’s not already enough, keep your eye peeled for old favorites too, like The Collector!”

The new characters are a labor of love from the Netherworld team, who always love opportunities to blow fans’ minds.

“New characters begin with two things: theming and opportunity. At Netherworld, we’re always looking for new artists, new ideas, and new ways to blow people’s minds! The inception of the ideas for new monsters begins extremely early… almost a year prior,” Armstrong reveals.

“We actually write in hints of new characters into the previous year’s story and theming. Once we have a general idea of the monster, we then begin the physical development of the characters and costumes. We source these items in many different ways, and oftentimes, most things are custom-built. Once all of that is squared away, we plan for the haunt season’s big photo shoot,” he adds. “Then, we preview new characters to the public at Dragon Con!”

While there is a significant amount of work goes into getting Netherworld ready for 2023 and their presence at Dragon Con. Armstrong also notes that he’s looking forward to seeing old friends during the weekend as well.

“Dragon Con always marks the start of our season in a way because this is the first opportunity to reveal our theme and some of its new characters to the public! It’s also an opportunity for recruiting actors and team members for the season, and, of course, greeting fans,” he states. “We’ve had a long-standing personal affiliation with Dragon Con over the years, and it’s always a great time to have fun and see old friends!

Netherworld 2023
Photo Credit: Netherworld

A Little Background on Netherworld

It’s no secret that FanBolt is a big fan of Netherworld, as we’ve been visiting each year for more than a decade! The haunted house attraction was first opened in 1997 by Billy Messina and Ben Armstrong, industry veterans in film and television. And it has become one of the world’s most highly acclaimed haunted houses.

With incredible special effects, unique make-up, elaborate costumes, and skilled stunt actors – it’s not hard to understand why they’ve received so much local and national attention. Not to mention, Netherworld has also been voted the top haunt in the nation by publications such as Hauntworld Magazine, Dread Central, Fangoria, and USA Today!

To see all of the new characters, be sure to visit Netherworld Haunted House from September 22nd through November! And be sure to check out the Dragon Con 2023 Parade tomorrow morning (and their booth at the Marriott Marquis)!

Want more details on Netherworld? Head over to their their website here.


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