‘The Creator’ Movie Review: An Outstanding Original Sci-fi Film

The Creator Movie Review

It’s incredibly rare to come across a truly original story in modern-day Hollywood. The majority of big sci-flicks and potential blockbusters are all either sequels, remakes, reboots, or something that has existing IP tied into something well-established. So, when a genuinely original story heads to the big screen, especially in the sci-fi genre, I’m already celebrating it. The fact that it can even be made is a huge feat.

The Creator is written and directed by Gareth Edwards, who did an incredible job on 2016’s Rogue One and first got my attention with 2010’s Monsters. This time, he’s bringing an epic, original, sci-fi action-thriller to the big screen. The story is set during a future war between the human race and artificial intelligence. (A timely plot line for a film right now, considering the WGA strike and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.)

The film’s main character, Joshua (John David Washington), is a hardened ex-special forces agent. Years after losing his wife, who was pro-AI, Joshua is called on to track down and eliminate the Creator, the mastermind behind cutting-edge AI technology that has developed a mysterious weapon. And this weapon is capable of bringing both the war and humanity to a devastating end. Joshua takes on the challenge, only to discover things aren’t exactly as he expected – and far more complicated.

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The Creator Movie Review: What I Did and Didn’t Like

With a two-hour and fifteen-minute run time, The Creator entertained me from beginning to end. And while the film isn’t without faults, overall, it feels like a wonderful breath of fresh air into today’s cinematic landscape. With vibes reminiscent of District 9 and Blade Runner, The Creator creates a visually stunning world with complex characters, a smart script, and impressive action sequences. That being said, this film really shines in the more quiet moments of reflection.

So, where are the faults? Several scenes feel super convenient from a storytelling perspective – like there is missing time and interactions that would better connect the dots for the audience. I hope that we’ll get a longer director’s cut of the film at some point, which I suspect will fill in many of those gaps.

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For me, the most striking aspect of The Creator lies in its profound depth. Despite the script’s evident anti-war stance and its insightful reflection of historical wrongs associated with American expansion and the pursuit of freedom, it is the film’s scale that is most surprising. The movie’s message sticks with you long after you leave the theater. And finding a story that resonates that deeply from a major studio production is incredibly rare.

Additionally, the character development here with Joshua and his journey is wonderfully constructed. As the film unfolds, we witness Joshua’s experiences, both internal and external, shaping him into a multi-dimensional and relatable character, a far cry from the hardened individual we met at the beginning of the film after the loss of his wife.

The script also does a beautiful job of diving into the depths of Joshua’s psyche, exploring the inner struggles, conflicts, and triumphs that ultimately lead to his significant transformation. It’s a welcomed break from the films of late that offer superficial plotlines and one-dimensional characters. The Creator stands out as a refreshing exception.

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While there is no lack of remarkable performances from everyone in this flick, it’s John David Washington who truly stands out. With such rich character development, Washington has the opportunity to really show his talents here. And that’s precisely what he does. From being closed off to sheer intensity to vulnerability, his character’s emotional evolution creates a playground for Washington to explore, and he does so effortlessly.

Moreover, the portrayal of Alphie by Madeleine Yuna Voyles in her feature film debut is truly extraordinary. Voyles displays an impressive range of emotions, effortlessly conveying even the subtlest nuances, which is especially noteworthy for a character that is not meant to be human. I look forward to seeing her future projects, as she’s proven herself as one to watch.

The Creator
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A captivating and emotionally charged sci-fi flick, The Creator transports audiences to another world. The film not only delivers an original sci-fi narrative. But it also captivates viewers with its breathtaking visuals, a smart script, and exceptional performances. It’s everything a sci-fi fan could ask for – and then some. Without question, this one will be on my top 10 list for 2023 movies, likely very near the top.

The Creator Movie Review:

Grade: A

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