‘And Just Like That…’ Season 3: Release Date Speculation, News, Cast, and More

And Just Like That... Season 3

The story of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte continues with And Just Like That… as the show moves into its third season. Following the successful and surprise-filled second season, it wasn’t a surprise that Max renewed the series.

Curious about what lies ahead for our favorite NYC ladies? Here’s what we know so far about And Just Like That… Season 3. Spoilers ahead from Season 2.

And Just Like That… Confirmed for Season 3

Max announced that And Just Like That… would return for Season 3. The announcement was made ahead of the Season 2 finale. And Just Like That… showrunner Michael Patrick King released a statement upon the renewal news.

“We are thrilled to spend more time in the Sex and the City universe telling new stories about the lives of these relatable and aspirational characters played by these amazing actors,” said King. “And Just Like That… here comes Season 3.”

“As we approach the highly anticipated season finale on Thursday, we raise our cosmos to Michael Patrick King and his magnificent team of writers, producers, cast, and crew who continue to charm us, 25 years later, with dynamic friendships and engaging stores,” said Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey. “We cannot wait for audiences to see where season three will take our favorite New Yorkers.”

And Just Like That...
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Season 2 ended on August 24, 2023, and due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes (which have now ended), production hasn’t started on Season 3. The show is the sequel to the hugely successful Sex & the City series, which also follows the events of the two movies.

In an interview with Forbes, King talked about the world-building of Sex & the City.

“It is our own little Marvel Universe that keeps multi-versing more and more and more. It’s a miracle, really. You rarely get to do a series for longer than two seasons. To do a character group for over 25 years is amazing and then to have the same actor play those same parts is unheard of. It’s unbelievable!” said King.

And Just Like That...
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What Happened in Season 2

In And Just Like That… Season 2, Carrie bid goodbye to her iconic rent-controlled apartment. But not before Samantha called in from the UK to also pay her respects to the apartment before Carrie left. However, Aidan’s youngest son got into a car accident. This prompts him to tell Carrie that he can’t be with her until all his children are grown up.

Aidan also proposes to Carrie to “wait five years” and assures her that if they’ve already waited this long to be together again, it won’t be long.

Meanwhile, Che and Miranda also call it quits on their relationship. Miranda also makes peace with Steve. Charlotte, on the other hand, is getting back into her full-time work while sharing parenting responsibilities with Harry.

As for Seema, she’s in love with her boyfriend, but won’t leave everything behind to move with him while he’s on location for work. Nya also looks to be finally moving on, with a very hot chef at that, after her divorce.

The showrunner also talked about Cattrall’s appearance in the finale, saying how special the moment was.

“All of a sudden, it manifested that Kim was like, ‘I’ll play Samantha for you for this little, sweet treat.’ So I don’t know whether it’s about the nostalgia for the 25th, which is great. For me, it’s a great treat for the fans,” said King.

And Just Like That...
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What to Expect for Season 3

While nothing’s started yet for And Just Like That… Season 3, we can only speculate on what might happen. When it comes to Miranda and Che, they both agree that they should never get back together. So Season 3 might go back into exploring their relationship, even as a platonic one, play out.

But perhaps the question that’s on every fan’s mind is whether Kim Cattrall will be returning as Samantha Jones. King told Variety that he wasn’t promising anything, especially when it came to Samantha coming back.

“Fans seem to be having their own expectations in such a micro way that I can’t even get into the conversation,” said the showrunner. “I really thought it was a little treat, and I would never build on any expectations on more.”

The return of Samantha also seems unlikely as Cattrall confirmed that the Season 2 finale is about as far as she’ll go. But even if Cattrall has said the Season 2 finale was her last, fans still have hope. Samantha’s presence is still very evident whenever the girls get together after all.

King also serves as the executive producer along with Parker, Davis, Nixon, John Melfi, and Elisa Zuritsky.

And Just Like That...
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And Just Like That… Cast

For And Just Like That… Season 3, we can assume that all three of the women will be back: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes, and Kristin Davis as Charlotte York-Goldenblatt. The characters that are often around the three main ladies are also expected to be back like Evan Handler as Harry Goldenblatt, Mario Cantone as Anthony, Sara Ramirez as Che, Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel, Nicole Air Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley, and Chris Jackson as Lisa’s husband Herbert.

The same could possibly be said for Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace for Season 3. Scheduling conflicts led to Nya not appearing as much in Season 2.

The characters who may or may not be back are Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett, and even Steve Brady, played by David Eigenberg. Whether Corbett comes back will probably depend on the timeline and whether or not Carrie and Aidan can wait that long for each other. As for Steve, the character went on his new venture in Coney Island, so he may or may not appear in Season 3.

We can also assume that the kids, including Niall Cunningham as Brady Hobbes, Cathy Ang as Lily Goldenblatt, and Alexa Swinton as Rock Goldenblatt, will be back for Season 3. Unless Lisa and Herbert’s summer camp extends.

And Just Like That...
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And Just Like That… Season 3 Release Date

Because of the 2023 strikes, there’s no official date set for And Just Like That… Season 3. At this point, our best guess would be early 2025, as new scripts need to be written, and filming needs to take place for the Sex & the City sequel.

For comparison, there was a gap of almost two years between the releases of the first two seasons. Meanwhile, fans can watch the series’ first two seasons on Max, formally known as HBO Max. 


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