Beyoncé’s Birth Chart: The Astrological Story Behind Her Stardom


She is the moment. She is the icon. And she is Beyoncé. In today’s pop culture, among the legendary singers that have emerged in this generation, Beyoncé has cemented her place as one of them. Since making her debut in the industry with Destiny’s Child, followed by her solo career, it’s safe to say that Beyoncé isn’t going anywhere. With her recent Renaissance tour and other endeavors, Beyoncé will continue to shine for a long time.

With her megastar status, astrology enthusiasts can’t help but look into the stars for hints of what played a part in her booming career. As it turns out, a lot, based on her Beyoncé’s birth chart. Her sun, moon, and rising signs make astrologers say that superstardom was meant for her.

Here’s a rundown of Beyoncé’s birth chart. (You can also calculate your own custom birth chart here.)

Beyonce birth chart
Beyoncé’s Birth Chart

Beyoncé’s Birth Chart: The Big Three

For those who may be new to astrology and birth charts, the big three signs are your sun, moon, and rising or ascendant signs. These three signs also happen to be the first three signs that are laid out on your birth or natal chart. The big three signs represent your personality, your emotional reactions, your intuition, and your first impression. 

Beyoncé was born on September 4, 1981, at 10:00 AM in Houston, Texas. This makes her a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Libra Rising.

Beyonce Planet Aspect List
Beyoncé’s Birth Chart & Planet Aspect List
Beyoncé’s Birth Chart & Planet Aspect Table

Virgo Sun

If you’ve never really gotten into astrology as much, if someone asks you what your zodiac sign is, your response is immediately your sun sign. In astrology, your sun sign is your core personality. It’s the sign based on your birth date. For Beyoncé, her sun sign is Virgo.

Virgo is the second Earth sign in the zodiac, following Taurus and preceding Capricorn. Virgo Suns are known to be great at multi-tasking as the sign is known to be a mutable Earth sign. Hardworking yet easygoing, Virgo Suns like Beyoncé certainly have their career to show for their efforts. She’s known for being immensely dedicated to her art.

Virgo, especially Virgo Suns, are known for being incredibly smart, along with their ability to organize. While to others, they may come off as scatterbrained, nervous, and over-the-top, it’s just because they’re very data-focused. Virgos pay attention to the facts and makes conclusions based on the details they have.

“No one can deny that Beyoncé’s overall effect is carefully tailored, leaving nothing to chance. This is definitely not by accident, as Beyoncé is obsessed with making her work an intricate experience that’s open to interpretation. There’s always tons of symbolism in her music, encouraging hordes of fans to pick apart every metaphor, every lyric, and every performance, knowing there must be a deeper meaning behind it all,” said astrologer Roya Backlund.

This sign is also associated with health, and in medical astrology, Virgo rules over the digestive system. This isn’t surprising, given how health-conscious Beyoncé is. Her Netflix documentary Homecoming even recounts her demanding workout routine for Coachella in 2019.

Beyonce Planetary Positions
Beyoncé’s Birth Chart & Planetary Positions

Scorpio Moon

If the Sun sign represents your core personality, your moon sign reflects how you process your emotions. Your moon sign reflects your secret self. For Beyoncé, she is a Scorpio Moon, and those with this placement are very introspective. Scorpio Moons also tend to steer toward being very secretive with how they feel. That isn’t surprising, given how private Beyoncé is in all aspects of her life. This includes how often the public sees photos of her and her children and her private performance at the Atlantis The Royal Hotel in Dubai.

“Beyoncé’s secretive, formidable, and transformative Scorpio moon makes her someone who’s incredibly in tune with her intuition. It also explains why she’s gone out of her way to maintain her privacy despite the fact that she’s one of the most famous people on planet Earth. In fact, I bet her creative process mostly takes place behind closed doors, as Scorpio moons can really raise their vibration in private,” said Backlund.

Scorpio Moons are also known for their ability to turn their pain into their passion and power. This is evident in her Lemonade album and her latest release, Renaissance. Beyoncé’s Scorpio Moon shows when she pours her emotions into her music. Because music is her emotional outlet, then Beyoncé’s Scorpio Moon may feel empowered by expressing herself through music.

“Creating this album allowed me a place to dream and to find escape during a scary time for the world,” said the Grammy-winning singer in an Instagram post on June 30. “My intention was to create a safe place, a place without judgment. A place to be free of perfectionism and overthinking. A place to scream, release, and feel freedom. It was a beautiful journey of exploration.”

Libra Rising

Compared to our sun and moon placements, our rising or ascendant signs reflect our first impression. The zodiac sign that rules this placement in our lives will reflect how we come across to others and even how we look. Beyoncé’s rising sign is Libra, an air sign known for its beauty and charisma. Should we be surprised?

Libras tend to be very popular, and Beyoncé is just that. This placement is known to be very social and likable, especially since Libra, in general, is charming and can get along with everyone. Beyoncé’s Libra Rising has played a huge part in her success as one of the most popular singers and celebrities of our time. She is just so well-liked in general that a lot of celebrities even showed up to attend her 41st birthday party.

Libra Risings are fueled by a desire to live indulgently but within reason. They are usually drawn to a good time, and are naturally popular and know how to have fun. As Libras are one of the most sociable zodiac signs, Libra Risings have the ability to tune into the needs of others. They can read between the lines and can blend social situations.

“Libra Risings know how to be the life of the party without even trying,” according to astrologer Monisha Holmes. “They’re so calm, cool, and collected that everyone just wants to be around them.”

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Mercury

In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules over the aspects of intelligence and communication. Depending what zodiac sign rules over Mercury in your chart will add depth to this placement. Beyoncé is a Libra Mercury, and this placement is known for its harmonious energy and charm.

This placement mainly shows in Beyoncé’s songs; this also came through when she came under fire for using an ableist slur in her song “Heated.” Beyoncé quickly resolved the controversy, with her publicist announcing that the slur would be removed.

Libra Mercuries, much like its other aspects, make them social butterflies. They can make friends wherever they go and people find them charming. This may be because Libra Mercuries always tend to know what exactly to say. They like to keep things easygoing and this relaxed approach is why Libra Mercuries tend to be very likable.

People with this placement often play peacemaker, as evidenced by what we just mentioned. They try to avoid and/or prevent confrontation whenever they can. Libra Mercuries are gifted with an open mind that helps them consider everyone’s input so they can ultimately find a compromise. This ability is especially useful in activities that would need collaboration or negotiation.

People with this placement always tend to weigh all options before deciding on anything. They can spend time considering all the pros and cons. While this may make them seem as indecisive to others, they just want to ensure the best outcome as much as possible. Libra Mercuries love to pursue a wide range of creative and cultural activities.

This placement may make an individual pursue a career in one of these fields.

Libra Venus

Venus rules over the aspects of love, beauty, and money. Beyoncé is a Libra Venus, and Libra rules over the planet in astrology alongside the earth sign Taurus. Having a good Venus placement like Beyoncé shows through her advertisements for Tiffany & Co.. The stylish trait associated with Libra also showed through her Adidas x Ivy Park Ivytopia collection. Her Venus placement has also influenced her marriage to Jay-Z, making them quite a power couple.

To note, Jay-Z was born on December 4, 1969. This makes him a Sagittarius Sun with a Libra Moon. According to astrologer Kyle Thomas, Beyoncé’s compatibility with Jay-Z just shows how special their connection is.

“I have never seen the kind of compatibility that Jay-Z and Beyoncé possess. And that’s probably why we only have one of them! Their connection is so special. It is like imagining that you have half of a puzzle – and it’s beautiful and magnificent all on its own thus far. But by finding the missing pieces, it completes the image, and finally, it is whole – more brilliant and stunning than you ever could have even believed it’d be,” said Thomas.

This placement is known to be naturally harmonious in nature, especially as Libra is the most balanced sign. People with Libra Venus placements are usually known to be peaceful, cooperative, and honest. They are known to carry themselves with grace and work hard to compromise with others and maintain happy relationships.

Libra Venuses make good friends and even better romantic partners. This is because they know that the happiest and long-lasting relationships are where everyone feels equal. Libra Venuses treat people the way they would like to be treated. However, they may tend to focus on the needs of others and forget their own needs.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Mars

Mars rules over the aspects of sex, anger, aggression, and ambition. For Beyoncé, she has the fiery Leo as her Mars sign. Leo Mars is usually known for its enthusiasm and creativity when it comes to their goals. Her Leo Mars placement shines through when she channels her ambitiousness and sensuality into her music.

Aside from that, this placement has definitely played a big part in making her the most-awarded artist in Grammy history.

Leo, in general, being a fire sign next to Aries and Sagittarius, is a sign that takes charge. This sign follows its heart and likes to take an active role in everything. Leos are known not to just sit around.

Those who have Leo Mars placements are not ones to blend in. Leo Mars is a placement that stands out, and that definitely shows with Beyoncé! Leo Mars makes for a dynamic individual who lives to love, play, and express themselves. Their personalities shine through, and others can’t help but be drawn to their energy.

Leo Mars loves to express their feelings through actions and are known to be incredibly generous. They come across as people who are full of life, have big hearts, and are incredibly fun to be around. But despite this confidence and positive energy, Leo Mars also hides their struggle with this same confidence in those aspects.

Because Leo is a sign associated with the ego, Leo Mars placements are in tune to every time their ego is stroked. They are also in tune every time their ego is bruised. Leo Mars are known to be on a journey to mastering their ego. Those who have this placement also seek to be loved and adored.

Libra Stellium

What does it mean when you have a Stellium in your chart? A stellium is when the same sign appears in three or more placements in your birth chart. Having a stellium, depending on the sign, will amplify the traits associated with that zodiac sign.

For Beyoncé, she has a Libra Stellium because the air sign appears in more than three placements. Her Libra Stellium appears in her Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto signs. Libra Stelliums are gifted with a laid-back attitude and social graces. People with this stellium are known to easily make friends as if it’s second nature to them.

Libra Stelliums are also known to be popular, and other people enjoy being around them. People with this stellium are always up for getting to know them. They’re also known for being good listeners and enjoy listening to the stories of others. They’re just as eager to tell their stories after listening to others.

Libra Stelliums are known for being incredibly polite and have good manners. While they are good listeners, they are also excellent communicators. They know how to read body language and can catch the little nuances and inflections in someone’s tone that can say more than their words.

Much like its fellow air signs Aquarius and Gemini, Libra Stelliums also known how to read their surroundings. They’re incredibly sensitive and can catch on the moods of other people. At times, Libra Stelliums are people watchers and this benefits them in conveying their perspective of people and how they interact with each other.

Libra Stelliums are also very creative and artistic. They have their own style and like to dabble in any and every kind of art form. Once they find the artistic outlet that suits them, they are determined to master it.

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