‘Hamilton’ Review: Broadway’s Revolutionary Musical Is Back in Atlanta!

Hamilton Review Atlanta 2024

The theatrical phenomenon that took the world by storm, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton, has returned to Atlanta’s iconic Fox Theatre! If you longed for its magic after its 2018 debut here in the city or are eager to see it again (as yours truly was) – now is your moment!

So, is Hamilton truly as groundbreaking as all the talk over the years suggests? Emphatically, indisputably—yes. Since its explosive arrival on Broadway in 2015, Hamilton has redefined the art of musical theater. And as a connoisseur of musicals, Hamilton remains the most impressive performance I’ve seen to date. However, I did have some issues with this show I saw on Wednesday night. Some of the performances offered different takes on their characters’ personalities and mannerisms, which wasn’t bad but also wasn’t what I expected.

Hamilton 2024
Hamilton National Tour / Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

The Story

Derived from Ron Chernow’s celebrated biography and featuring a score that fuses hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and Broadway melodies, Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, America’s illustrious Founding Father. An immigrant hailing from the West Indies, Hamilton became George Washington’s right-hand man amidst the Revolutionary War and subsequently shaped the nation’s future as its inaugural Treasury Secretary.

Hamilton National Tour / Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

The Music

Boasting an impressive collection of accolades, “HAMILTON” has not only captured 11 Tony Awards but has also been honored with a Grammy®, several Olivier Awards, the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and a special citation from the Kennedy Center Honors.

The musical does an incredible job of melding together a symphony of genres – hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and the classic Broadway sound—to craft a narrative and a performance that not only brilliantly captures the essence of historical America but also does so with the fire and fervor of America today.

Schuyler Sisters
Hamilton National Tour / Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

The Performances

While the allure of the original Broadway cast of Hamilton remains unmatched, Wednesday night’s performance did offer a new take on some expected characterizations, which, as noted above, isn’t a bad thing. It’s just different from what fans of Hamilton have come to appreciate. For example, some characters seem a little stiffer or subdued, feeling as if they’re dealing with more of an internal struggle than outwardly displaying the anger or passion that fans are used to the performances conveying (I specifically note this for Pierre Jean Gonzalez’s Hamilton and Deon’te Goodman’s Aaron Burr).

Another challenge I had with the particular show I saw was that there seemed to be some sound balancing problems as well. But, since it was only the second night of the performance, I’m sure they will get sorted out.

Nonetheless, the entire ensemble never missed a bit. Every song remains a lyrical masterpiece. And, despite a few of my bones to pick with the show, it was still a wonderful evening, and the cast received a standing ovation at the end.

King George
Hamilton National Tour / Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Hamilton in Atlanta

Get your tickets now! Hamilton is at the FOX Theatre through February 25, 2024. Giving fans numerous opportunities to see the incredible stage production. Tickets can be purchased online at foxtheatre.org/hamilton, in person at the Fox Theatre box office (660 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta), or by calling (855)-285-8499.


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