Enzo at Trilith: A Taste of Italy in the Heart of Fayetteville, Georgia

Enzo at Trilith

Located in the charming community of Trilith, Enzo Steakhouse & Bar prides itself on embodying the warmth and richness of Italian culinary tradition while infusing it with a contemporary style. Its ethos is born from a place of connections – to food, heritage, and the people we share our meals with. So, what better place for a celebratory date than a place with such a beautiful philosophy (and such tasty dishes)? Ah, love and good food – a pairing more classic than spaghetti and meatballs!

What was the occasion, you ask? During our visit to Enzo, my husband and I were celebrating the anniversary of our engagement six years ago in Venice, Italy. So Italian cuisine seemed like a natural choice. And the classic yet modern vibes that Enzo offers make it an ideal spot for anniversaries or just making an ordinary day feel special. (Not to mention, we’re both huge geeks, so dining across the street from Trilith Studios, where so many of our favorite movies have been filmed, added to the excitement of the day!)

Old Fashioned Cocktails at Enzo
Old Fashioned Cocktails at Enzo / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

Our Meal at Enzo (Reviews & Recommendations)

To begin, we ordered a pair of what I’d dare say is one of Atlanta’s finest Old-Fashioneds. The perfectly balanced cocktail set the bar high for what was to come. Spirits lifted, we cheered and ordered Enzo’s Goat Cheese balls, which were every bit as tasty as you’d imagine, accompanied by a lovely honey drizzle.

The brunch menu offers some incredible appetizer options, including Smoked Salmon Flatbread (with chive cream cheese, shallots, crispy capers, and bagel spices), Italian French Toast (with Amarena cherries, Nutella, and maple syrup), and a Fritto Misto (with calamari, shrimp, oysters, delicata squash, and agretto). But whatever you do decide to order, make sure you have an order of Goat Cheese balls as well!

Goat Cheese Balls
Goat Cheese Balls / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

The Main Courses

When it came to the main courses, I ordered one of Enzo’s signature dishes – the Saffron Square Spaghetti (tomato composta, melted leeks, basil, parmigiano reggiano, and fresh burrata ). When it comes to spaghetti, I can be a bit picky. Usually, I find most spaghetti dishes to be too salty or acidic (due to the tomato sauce). However, this dish was perfectly seasoned, and when paired with the generous serving of fresh burrata, there was a nice creamy/cheese flavor blended in as well.

I also added Veal Meatballs (with fresh ricotta, creamy polenta, and pecorino romano) to the order, which added additional flavor and a little bit more protein to the meal. All in all, it was delightful. And a week later, I’m still actively thinking about this spaghetti….

Saffron Square Spaghetti
Saffron Square Spaghetti / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

My husband ordered the Chatel American Wagyu Strip, Frenchy style, which was a masterpiece in its own right. With its melt-in-your-mouth texture and the perfect blend of seasoning, onions, and mushrooms, the strip was tender and absolutely delicious.

While I’m not a big steak person myself, my husband is (and he loved it). I did steal a few bites, though, and I found it incredibly juicy and full of flavor. The accompaniments of onions and sautéed mushrooms also added a nice blend of earthy sweetness and a textural contrast that complimented the overall dish nicely. 

Chatel American Wagyu Strip - Frenchy Style
Chatel American Wagyu Strip – Frenchy Style / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

And let’s not overlook the veggies – we also ordered a side of Brussel Sprouts, which were paired with the smokiness of pork belly and the zest of balsamic jam. We weren’t able to finish all of the sprouts, so we brought them home. We weren’t sure how they’d re-heat later, but thankfully they were a delight the second time around as well.

Brussel Sprouts
Brussel Sprouts / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

Dessert at Enzo

The grand finale? A curated selection of desserts by executive chef Andrea Montobbio. The heavenly dessert spread also included an extra special tiramisu (with an espresso soak), which was a family recipe passed down from the chef’s grandmother. It rounded off the meal on a note of nostalgia and indulgence—sheer perfection (as you can see in my face below).

While all of the desserts were amazing, the vegan dark chocolate cake was right behind the tiramisu for me. I’m not sure how something vegan can taste that delicious. But it was out of this world.

Enzo Dessert
Dessert at Enzo / Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / Doug Sprinkle / FanBolt

Enzo’s Location & The Trilith Community

Enzo stands out not only due to its food but also its location in the Trilith community. It’s a short drive from Atlanta and offers a variety of shops, trails, and an overall creative atmosphere (being so close to Trilith Studios). It offers activities for everyone and makes for an ideal spot for a pre-dinner outing or a relaxing post-dinner (or post-brunch) walk.

Enzo Date Night
Photo Credit: Emma Sprinkle / Doug Sprinkle / FanBolt

So, here’s to love, incredible food, and the joy of sharing it all in a place that welcomes you with open arms. Enzo, my geeky food-loving heart thanks you. Cheers to many more memories to come!

For reservations and more information, visit Enzo at 300 Trilith Parkway, Suite 230, Fayetteville, GA 30214. Or, contact them at (770) 756-9188 or their website.


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