‘Ugly Betty’ The Movie?

In case you’re still mourning the loss of “Ugly Betty” on ABC, this may put a smile on your face. Ana Ortiz confirms what America Ferrera said in an interview – there’s a chance we’ll be getting an “Ugly Betty” movie.

“There may be a movie,” Ana Ortiz tells Latina.com. “It’s something that we’ve been talking about and it’s something that America Ferrera would really love to do. That woman has so much determination that I can’t imagine anything she puts her mind to not getting done.”

Of course, there is no official news of a feature film. And if it were green lit, it may be a couple years off, but we believe “Ugly Betty” fans are willing to wait to see what happens to the beloved characters after the show ended this week.

“I’m happy with the way [the show] turned out,” said Ferrera. “And hopefully the fans will want more and they will come back and see ‘Ugly Betty: The Movie’ and we can see what life after the show brought for this character and all these characters that the audience is in love with.”

So, how does Ortiz feel about the show’s ending? “Hilda deserves some happiness and I think she finally finds it,” says Ortiz. “Everybody finds their glue, so to speak.”


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