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Brody Escapes Death In India

Brody Escapes Death In India


American actor ADRIEN BRODY narrowly escaped death when he nearly crashed into
a cow while speeding on a highway in India.

The 34-year-old actor – who also had a life-threatening encounter with a
low-hanging power line on the Indian shoot for The Darjeeling Limited – was
testing the speed of his motorcycle when the animal stepped onto the road.

He says, “I almost died. I was behind a tuk-tuk, one of those little
motorized rickshaws, when the driver suddenly pulled to the side and revealed a
cow walking away from me on the road. I jammed on the brakes, skidded and
nearly slammed straight into it.

“I was laughing because it seemed so absurd. I was thinking, ‘This is going
to be the way I’ll be remembered: rear-ending a cow – all the years of hard
work and this is it.'”


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