Stars Sign Treaty To Help Teens With Body Issues

HAIRSPRAY star BRITTANY SNOW, ASHLEE SIMPSON and FERGIE are among the stars who have signed a new Seventeen magazine Body Peace Project Treaty aimed at
changing the way young girls view their bodies.

The trio want teenagers to stop obsessing about the shape of their bodies.

Editor in Chief Ann Shoket launches the year-long project to help girls with
unhealthy body image issues in the new issue of the U.S. teen magazine.

She says, “So many girls feel awful about themselves.”

Snow, who recently revealed she suffered from anorexia and bulimia, is
desperate to help young girls who are struggling with the same issues she
struggled with as her acting career took off when she was 16.

She tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, “I got help when I was 17. It
was a process and still is a process, but I am 21 years old now, and I have
done a lot of hard work.

Snow says, “It is a daily thing, but I am 100 per cent better than where I
was in just little things, like not hating myself in the morning and wearing
jeans, and even if they are tight, being OK with myself.”

Seventeen magazine is hoping to get one million girls to sign the treaty, but
Snow, who reveals she lost two pals to anorexia, just wants to reach one girl:
“So many people are going through this. Celebrities included. There is a way to
get help and feel better.”



This is really cool and I have to give props to these girls for doing this. We need more celebrities taking a stand with this. Too many young girls out there have unrealistic expectations when it comes to beauty because of the standards that Hollywood has set. I hope we see about this!


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  1. Marissa wrote: aw! that’s so great! yay <3

    and wtf "xoeskie." Ashlee looks amazing .. and all your comments usually bash the celebs. quite annoying.