Spears Dad Angry At Jamie Lynn’s Tell-All Interview

JAMIE-LYNN SPEARS’ father is reportedly “furious” at the TV star, because he
didn’t want his daughter to lower herself by selling the news of her pregnancy
to the press.

The 16-year-old confirmed she is 12-weeks pregnant with student Casey
Aldridge’s baby during an interview with OK! magazine, which hit American
newstands on Tuesday (18Dec07).

But dad Jamie – who split from wife Lynne in 2002 – is reportedly “depressed”
and “devastated” by her tell-all interview, according to Usmagazine.com.

A source adds, “He put his foot down and refused to take any money and
‘profit off of his children’. Lynne didn’t care.

“(He) feels Jamie-Lynn ruined her life.”

However, the Zoey 101 actress and her mum Lynne are alleged to have initially
turned down the offer of cash for the revealing interview, agreeing instead to
a $1 million (#500,000) fee for the baby’s first photoshoot when Jamie-Lynn
gives birth next year (08).

And website TMZ.com claims the teen could be further along in her pregnancy
than everyone has been led to believe – suggesting a July (07) report in
American tabloid the National Enquirer was more accurate in putting her due
date in the spring, instead of the widely-reported June (08).



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  1. Joanne (OCallyFaN80) wrote: I think I would possibly be upset as well, but I think him saying she’s ruining her life is a bit too much to say. Maybe she’s doing it so she can actually have some money to help herself support the soon-to-come baby. But then again, I’m still surprised…

  2. Kristen wrote: I dont blame her dad, I think she is ruining her life as well, shes only 16! And she has SO much going for her right now!! Thats crazy though 1 mil. for the first pic .. damn.

  3. Trina wrote: Yeah I somewhat agree with her dad, she’s so young and it’s alot, maybe she won’t be able to handle it all or maybe she will be able too..