Barton Free On Bail

Actress MISCHA BARTON has been released from jail into the arms of her parents after spending much of 27 December (07) behind bars following a DUI arrest in Hollywood.

The former The O.C. star avoided the paparazzi by leaving a West Hollywood police station by a rear exit – into the back of a car driven by her concerned folks.

Celebrity website broke the news of Barton’s arrest early on 27 December (07).

Sheriff’s deputies stopped her vehicle when they spotted it straddling two lanes of traffic.

When officers approached her car, they discovered Barton “was an unlicensed driver and was driving while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage”.

She was taken into custody and booked, mistakenly, under the name ‘Burton’.
The 21-year-old actress’ bail was set at $10,000 (£5,000).



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  1. OTH man wrote: Leaving The OC was a GREAT career move now, huh? Didn’t she leave because she wanted to act in movies? I haven’t seen her in one

    too bad all the female role models in Hollywood are going south..

  2. Alexa wrote: She left The OC because they fired her, they didn’t have anything more to do with her character, she didn’t want to leave..

    but seriously Mischa’s smarter than this! Now she’s turning into Lindsay..its kind of sad seeing all these female celebrities going down the same path