Lawyer Files For Spears Case To Be Heard In Federal Court

An attorney who claims to be BRITNEY SPEARS’ new lawyer has filed a federal complaint arguing the conservatorship of the singer’s estate violates her civil rights.

Jon Eardley, who has practices in New York and Washington, D.C., submitted his legal complaint on behalf of Spears in U.S. District Court on Thursday (14Feb08).

Eardley is seeking the ongoing conservatorship case to be moved from Los Angeles Superior Court to a federal court.

Spears’ father Jamie was recently appointed conservator of his daughter’s estate – he has temporary control over the Toxic singer’s legal and financial affairs until 10 March (08).

But Eardley tells, “I see the case as a civil rights case. These are issues of confinement. Very serious confinement. Not allowed to contact her friends. Not allowed to use the phone. Not allowed to come and go as you please. Bodyguards controlling you and so forth.”

On Friday (15Feb08), a spokesperson for the office of public information for the Los Angeles Superior Court confirmed the Spears case is still being heard in California: “The state and federal issues would have to be litigated among all interested parties involved in Ms. Spears’ conservatorship.

“And at this time there is no change to any of her hearing dates on the calendar in state court. It is our view that all current matters remain in full force and effect.”



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