Barton To Be Charged With Drunk Driving

Actress MISCHA BARTON is to be charged with drunk driving and possession of
marijuana following her 27 December (07) arrest in West Hollywood.

The Los Angeles District Attorney announced the news on Tuesday (26Feb08).

Barton was pulled over by traffic cops after they reportedly spotted the
vehicle she was driving “straddling two lanes of traffic”. The police report
also suggests the actress failed to signal when making a turn.

Police determined the former The O.C. star was driving without a valid
license and under the influence of alcohol.

She was released on bail and has since apologized for her actions. She stated she was wrong to attempt to drive home after partying with pals.

The 21-year-old has confessed she didn’t have a driving license because she
rarely gets behind the wheel.

She said, “I’m really disappointed in myself. I’m not perfect and I don’t
intend to do anything this stupid again.”



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  1. SLea wrote: This shows me that she is smart. I hope she just thinks more deeply before she does anything like that again. I greatly appreciate what she done since this incident happened.