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Panettiere To Keep Away From L.A. Party Scene

Panettiere To Keep Away From L.A. Party Scene


HAYDEN PANETTIERE has vowed she’ll never fall victim to the trappings of fame like her peers LINDSAY LOHAN and BRITNEY SPEARS – because she prefers quiet nights in to wild Hollywood parties.

The Heroes beauty insists she leads a vastly different life to some of her contemporaries, because she is more mature than most stars her age.

But the 18-year-old admits she is partial to a glass of champagne, even though she is three years younger than the U.S. legal drinking age.

She tells the U.S. edition of Cosmopolitan, “I think that people look at me as just another one of those girls who’s going to screw up, like, ‘She’s going to get into drugs, and she’s going to get into the parties.’

“I have the occasional glass of champagne when I’m celebrating something, but generally, I don’t drink. I’m a pizza-and-a-movie girl.”


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  1. xtremequeen wrote: I think that all of this has been said before….and look where those other girls are. It’s better to just not say anything…that way it doesn’t bite you in the a$$ later.

  2. Alexa wrote: That’s what I love about Hayden, just like me. Pizza and a movie! I think it’s fine to have a glass of wine in celebration..nothing wrong with that!

  3. azuline wrote: And yet wasn’t she hanging out and smoking with Paris Hilton when she was like 15/16? Then again, celebrity is all about pretending to be something you’re not.

  4. Kristen wrote: See I’m like her, I would rather sit infront of the TV in sweats then party *shrugs*

    I’m glad she’s not going to get into the party scee because I love her 😀


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