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Wentz Defends Simpson’s ‘Secret’ Pregnacy

Wentz Defends Simpson’s ‘Secret’ Pregnacy


PETE WENTZ has defended his decision to keep his wife ASHLEE SIMPSON’s pregnancy a secret from the media – insisting he wanted to “protect her and the baby”.

The couple was dogged by baby rumors for weeks, but refused to confirm the news until Wednesday (28May08) – after Simpson had passed the first trimester of her pregnancy.

And the Fall Out Boy guitarist felt it was only right to keep the news quiet until his wife was given a full bill of health from doctors.

He tells, “Every woman, no matter who they are or what they do for a living, has the right to wait at least three months before sharing this very personal news. We wanted to wait until after the first trimester before confirming anything, just like any other couple.

“Being a boy I have no idea how to respond to such things and my first instinct was to protect her and the baby.

“It’s insane that you can’t let happy news brew in Hollywood. This wasn’t about press or anything. It was about the health of the baby and trying to find a way to be happy with what should be the most happy time of our lives in the middle of a press blitz.

“I apologize to anyone who felt misinformed but the truth is, the person and growing baby is who I felt most loyal to protect and defend.”

The pair wed in Encino, California earlier this month (17May08).


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  1. xtremequeen wrote: I completely agree. their pregnancy is no ones business but their own & they have every right to have told no one or everyone.

  2. azuline wrote: The fact that he feels he has to apologize just shows you how warped the whole celebrity obsession is. They didn’t owe anyone an explanation at all, IMO.


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