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Jolie Feared Kids Would Wreck Pitt Relationship

Jolie Feared Kids Would Wreck Pitt Relationship


Hollywood actress ANGELINA JOLIE feared having children with her partner BRAD
PITT would wreck their relationship.

Jolie already had one adopted son, six-year-old Maddox, when she started
dating Pitt in 2005, and the couple went on to adopt Pax, four, Zahara, two,
and have their biological two-year-old Shiloh. They are also currently
expecting twins.

But Jolie admits that she was initially hesitant to expand her family with
Pitt, because she feared the stresses of more children would put a major strain
on their relationship.

She tells Britain’s Heat magazine, “You always wonder how having a lot of
children in a fairly short space of time is going to affect your life

“You have less time together, you’re always busy, you’re often very tired in
the evenings. So it’s something that you either learn or adapt to, or you’re
going to be in trouble as a couple.”

So the actress was delighted when, after expanding their brood, they
continued to maintain a healthy partnership.

She adds, “We both grew into our role as parents and that eased a lot of my
anxiety. What surprised me is how naturally Brad welcomed the responsibilities
of being a father.”


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  1. azuline wrote: Gotta give them credit…six kids in such a short amount of time? I can’t even imagine. It seems good for them though, which is all that really matters.

  2. kristen wrote: I’m glad nothing has happened, they seem happy together, and I mean they are getting ready to have twins so I think shes all set now. It’s weird though to hear HER say that haha!

  3. OCallyFaN80 wrote: I would worry about it, too. But honestly, from a person who was always a Jennifer/Brad supporter, Pitt looks happy with what he haves, so I don’t think Angelina should worry about it.


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