Jamie Lynn’s Literary Inspiration For Newborn Daughter’s Name

BRITNEY SPEARS’ teenage sister JAMIE LYNN was inspired to name her
newborn daughter MADDIE BRIANN after reading a series of the Madeline
children’s books, according to reports.

The 17-year-old welcomed her first child with 19-year-old fiance Casey
Aldridge into the world on Thursday (19Jun08) at Mississippi Southwest Regional
Medical Center in McComb, Mississippi, weighing in at weighed seven pounds, 11
ounces (3.5 kilograms).

And according to the New York Daily News, Spears’ fascination with the Ludwig
Bemelman classics were the inspiration for her own daughter’s name.

A source says, “Jamie was a huge fan of the Madeline children’s books when
she was a little girl and always wanted to name her daughter that.”

Spears and Aldridge were engaged in March (08).

The teen star stunned the Spears family when she announced her pregnancy news
last year (07), at the age of 16. They couple reportedly had been delaying
their wedding until after the birth of their



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