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Bale: ‘Hollywood Isn’t For Kids’

Bale: ‘Hollywood Isn’t For Kids’


CHRISTIAN BALE won’t be letting his young daughter follow in his footsteps and become a child star, because he insists kids don’t understand the pressures of Hollywood.

The Batman Begins star was just eight when he started shooting TV commercials and he was 12 when he landed his first major movie role in Empire of The Sun.

But he admits stardom at an early age isn’t as amazing as it seems.

He tells FanBolt, “I have very strong opinions about why kids should not be working at such a young age.

“I think introducing children to a professional industry where they may not recognize the pressure is wrong. Very quickly they’re going to be under pressure.

“This is an adult industry. I would be very skeptical putting anybody I cared about, who was close to me, in this profession at a young age.

“I absolutely support it as a hobby and as an amateur pursuit but, to enter into it in a professional world, is a whole different ball game.”

Bale and his wife Sandra Blazic are parents to three-year-old Emmeline.


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  1. Taminar wrote: It sounds like he’s being very sensible, but I bet if young Emmaline started begging daddy to let her be in a movie, he’d let her. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, as long as the parents don’t let the kids run wild and don’t pressure them to continue the career. Finish the project, sure, but if they want to quit after that, let ’em.

  2. alex.stef wrote: I think there are some parents who don’t think like him. But he has already experienced this and he knows what he’s talking about, I’m sure.


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