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Home Celebrity Klum’s Legs Insured For 2.2 Million
Klum’s Legs Insured For 2.2 Million

Klum’s Legs Insured For 2.2 Million


Supermodel HEIDI KLUM’S shapely pins are insured for $2.2 million – but one leg is insured for $200,000 (100,000) less than the other because of a scar.

The German catwalk star’s right limb is insured for $1.2 million (600,000) – but her right is only insured for $1 million (500,000) because of the mark on her knee.

She tells British newspaper The Sun, “They are different values because I have this little scar. I had to be examined in London. A guy came and inspected my leg.”


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  1. Taminar wrote: Ever since Betty Grable, these leg policies have been good for some media buzz. I remember when Mary Hart had her legs insured for a million bucks. With an insurance policy like that, I might be hoping for a fall!

  2. Kristen wrote: Hahaha, I remember her saying this on Conan O’Brien. It was funny. Conan was like

    “How do you get that job? Leg inspector!”

  3. Taminar wrote: I guess if you have enough money, you can insure anything. Her livelihood would be affected if her legs were damaged somehow.

    Death and dismemberment policies specify how much each limb is worth. The old pirate contracts used to value for the loss of an arm or a leg, too, so it’s nothing new.


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