Hilton: ‘Madden Has Helped Me Grow Up’

Socialite PARIS HILTON has praised her boyfriend BENJI MADDEN for helping her grow up, insisting she never took responsibility for her actions before she met the rocker.

The heiress, 27, claims her relationship with the Good Charlotte star has forced her to adopt a more low-key lifestyle and tone down her wild-child ways.

She tells People.com, “I just feel like a grown-up now. I think my whole life I was kind of living as a teenager and not really taking responsibility.

“We’re so in love and so happy right now and it’s only been six months. I finally have a nice guy.”

Hilton has even hinted that marriage and children could be on the cards – after growing broody during babysitting sessions for close pal Nicole Richie’s daughter and Madden’s niece Harlow.

She adds: “We just saw her like a week ago. She had her six-month birthday. I can’t believe it.

“She’s getting so big and is so cute. She’s laughing now and trying to call which is so sweet. I love babies!”



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  1. Alexa wrote: Good for her. Hope things stay that way. It’s true that I haven’t seen as much on Paris lately so hopefully she is starting to grow up