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Hathaway Studied To Hide From Fame

Hathaway Studied To Hide From Fame


Actress ANNE HATHAWAY struggled to cope with fame – and escaped the limelight
by studying for a degree.

The Get Smart star shot to fame in 2001 after appearing in Disney hit The
Princess Diaries, and followed up a successful stint in the teen market by
starring in Ella Enchanted in 2004.

But Hathaway found it difficult to adapt to media scrutiny at such a young
age, and her personal life suffered – prompting her to take time out from the
spotlight to attend New York University.

The 25-year-old explains, “I was a mess in some ways and that had nothing to
do with my choice of career.

“I was the luckiest girl in the world when I got the Princess Diaries films,
but all the driven behavior that you need to be successful as a teenager
didn’t help me when it came to my private life and social situations.”

She adds, “So going to university helped me a lot. I used to worry too much
and take myself too seriously.”




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