Writers Step Closer To Strike Deal

The ongoing Hollywood writers strike is nearing a resolution after negotiations between union officials and studio bosses resulted in draft contracts being passed between both sides.

Members of the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) walked out in November (07) in a protest over royalties and so far negotiations to break the deadlock have proved unsuccessful.

However, talks have been stepped up ahead of this month’s (Feb08) Oscars ceremony, which many fear will be canceled if the union refuses to grant organizers a waiver.

Last month’s (Jan08) Golden Globes, which usually takes the form of a glittering star-studded ceremony, was reduced to a televised press conference after the union announced plans to protest at the event, forcing the majority of attendees to vow not to cross the picket line.

And if the Academy Awards, set for 24 February (08), go the same way it will be a major blow to the movie industry.

The strikes have also crippled the U.S. film and TV industry with many movie projects being put on hold indefinitely and several hit shows including Desperate Housewives being suspended.

But it is now reported that WGA officials and film bosses have sketched the outline of an agreement on how much writers will be paid for Internet broadcasting of their work.

If a deal is reached, it will have to be approved by the Guild’s board and then ratified by the union’s 10,500 members.



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