McCarthy Upset About McCain Snub

Actress/model JENNY McCARTHY was left frustrated when she attempted to discuss autism issues with U.S. presidential candidate Senator JOHN McCAIN – because his campaign manager decided the hot-button topic was too controversial.

McCarthy, who is among those leading the charge to legislate vaccines she claims cause autism in children, was thrilled when Republican McCain stated that he believed there was a connection between the thimerosal vaccine and autism.

She arranged for a meeting with the Senator and flew to speak to him about her own experiences – her son Evan has battled autism since he was born.

The actress hoped the meeting would prompt McCain to make autism and the battle against it a leading issue in his election campaign.

But, at the last minute, he backed out of the May (08) meeting – after learning there’s no hard medical evidence linking vaccines and autism.

McCarthy says, “I literally flew to go see McCain, his team agreed to it (meeting), I was prepped and then all of a sudden his campaign manager said, ‘We’re ahead in the polls and this is a very, very touchy subject. Let’s not give this interview right now.'”

McCarthy is now desperately hoping Barack Obama, McCain’s opponent in the race for the White House, agrees to champion her cause and address the autism versus vaccines issue.

She says, “We are trying (to contact him)… We have sent numerous (requests). It’s a very scary thing for a politician.”



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