Jessica Alba Paying for Shark Stunt

Following last month’s streak of vandalism, Jessica Alba has reportedly made reparations to the United Way Charity.

Last month pictures surfaced of the Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba plastering posters of Great White sharks all over Oklahoma City billboards and other property. Oklahoma City decided not to press charges against Alba, who was reportedly working with a group known as “White Mike” to promote the endangered Great White species. Posters had been glued to utility boxes and billboards- many of which belonging to United Way- throughout Oklahoma City.

Alba decided that it seemed fitting to make a donation to United Way as a means of payback. An undisclosed, albeit substantial, amount of funds were donated to the United Way charity after the incident.


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  1. First of all, why would you want to promote protecting sharks in a completely landlocked state? How about some coastal communities, like northwest Florida where we have shark rodeos to encourage people to catch and kill sharks?

    Secondly, I’m all for protecting animals and marine life, but I’m also opposed to vandalism. The United Way is an important organization and really doesn’t have anything to do, at least as far as I know, with the slaughter of sharks. Utility boxes, well fine, they’re usually kind of plain and boring anyway, and a picture of shark is better than a cuss word.

    I applaud Jessica for raising awareness of the Great White Shark’s endangered status, and for doing the right thing and helping the United Way after she defaced their billboards.