Robert Pattinson Talks About ‘New Moon’ & His Hair

Robert Pattinson recently revealed how difficult it has been to keep that trademark hair of his going. Pattinson joked saying that in ‘Twilight’ they actually wanted him to have hair extentions, but co-star Kristen Stewart playfully chimed in calling Pattinson “a liar.”

“I sound so stupid, but in a lot of ways the hair is 75 percent of my performance,” Pattinson commented.

When reflecting on coming back for ‘New Moon’ filming, Pattinson says he tried to convince them to tone the hair down a bit for him, “In the second one I said, ‘Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real, a little bit more… Method,” the 23-year-old laughs, “And then in the third one, I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!’ I have to look like the poster at all times. Just in case they want to use any clip for the trailer. Any clip at all! There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”


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  1. Yummy I love me some Rob hair in my hands… The boy does have it going on with the hair… But he is an awesome actor and seems like he has a great personality… I’m sure every girl thinks like me and wishes they were Mrs. Robert Pattinson… I’ll admit it… too good to be true tho.. that’s when i would wake up lol