Fergie Plans On Becoming A Mommy

Stacy ‘Fergie’ Ferguson and her hubby Josh Duhamel have been through some tough times in their relationship. One of the most published of those being the cheating scandal during the first year of their marriage. “It’s going great, aside from the scandal,” says Fergie. With that said, the couple has revealed recently that they are now happier than ever, and there is defenitely room for kids in the future in their lives.

At a Red Cross event recently, husband Josh Duhamel states, “I have always loved kids… I am happy with one, but I will take seven.”

Though the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman, Fergie, says kids are defenitely in the future, due to her worldwide tour, she states that the plans are indeed in the far future.

The couple also talk about the choice of adoption also being an option. “I would love to [adopt], especially the more you learn about the kids that are out there that need parents. I am a supporter of adoption,” Josh explains.

We all wish them luck with their decisions.


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