‘Glee’ Star On GQ Controversy: ‘It’s Ridiculous’

If you haven’t seen the sexy ‘high school inspired’ spread in the new GQ featuring costars Lea Michele, Corey Monteith and Dianna Agron; well, you’re missing out on two things: sexiness and controversy!

Glee guy Josh Sussman was asked about the spread this past Thursday night while he was out attending fellow cast-mate Mark Salling’s release party for his new album. When asked about his opinion of all the controversy surrounding the spread, Sussman said this:

“I haven’t seen the pictures yet, but they’re all in their 20s and I guess the complaint is they’re high school students? It’s not like they’re actual sophomores in high school. It’s not like actual teenagers doing it.”

He adds that groups like the Parents Television Council are simply “overreacting”. “It’s ridiculous,” said Sussman. “There’s no nude photos.”

Glee fans, is the GQ spread too racy? Or is it well done and age-appropriate [which is more than we can say for singer-slash-model Taylor Momsen’s actions at present moment]?


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  1. haha 🙂 It seems like to me that the Parents Television Council are always overreacting about something. At least it’s getting Glee a lot of good press!

  2. Hehe, it’s like Offcom, they’ll never be happy unless there’s something to complain about, the whole argument for why it is inappropriate for a start is rubbish, it has no basis, so it makes the complaints even worse! And true, Glee has such a good following, this can only improve it for sure.