Kardashians Officially Open ‘Dash’ Store In New York

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian debuted the opening of their new Dash shop this Wednesday morning – complete with enthusiasm, traffic violations, and Kanye West!

Cameras came along as the sisters arrived early to get things “Kardashian-perfect” – yes, that means their new upcoming spin-off will feature some elbow grease…oh, and NYPD.

Officers parked a patrol car, lights flashing, at corner streets while they tried to subdue the wild crowd. Along with multiple drivers stopping right in the middle of the road, there was also a chaotic line, fully equipped with people pushing and shoving.

“It’s really amazing we are new [to New York City] and we’ve gotten such an amazing warm welcome in this city and so it feels so good,” Kim said later on in an interview that day. “It’s really crazy how many people have showed up. I wish we had a microphone to talk to them—and to come out and support us like this? We really are so thankful.”

And as if the scene wasn’t crazy enough, Kim threw the rapper-of-all-current-drama in the mix, Kanye West. The two still deny that they are dating, but reports have surfaced that sly looks and hefty compliments were passed by each other all throughout the day.

“The event was absolutely a success,” Kim said. “Madness everywhere. New York welcomed us in the biggest way! So many amazing fans came out to support us and we are so thankful!”

Fans, I already know you’re all excited about seeing the store opening on the upcoming spin-off, but I have to ask – how do you feel about the possible guest appearance [if the segments aren’t cut out], of drama king Kanye West?


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