Eddie Munster Checks Into Rehab

Butch Patrick, the former kid star who played Herman Munster’s werewolf son Eddie on The Munsters, has checked himself into a New Jersey rehab facility.

The breakdown reportedly occurred after a breakup with the ex-NFL cheerleader who called herself his biggest fan. However, the star’s rep claims that Patrick’s problems date back far further than just a couple weeks ago. How far? Apparently, post-fame youth [aka post-The Munsters].

The rep is speaking out about the fact that 57-year-old Patrick has been on-and-off-again seeking treatment and/or facing turmoil for an addiction to alcohol and drugs for quite some time now.

“He has suffered with alcohol and drug addiction according to his family probably since he was 17…and he had just broken up with the woman he moved here for,” says his agent, Jody Ritzen.

The rep added the actor didn’t want to go the Dr. Drew route and appear on Celebrity Rehab for dependency issues like a lot of other has-been stars are doing these days just for “five minutes of fame”. Instead, the actor is really taking this seriously, and wants to address and resolve problems that started when he began doing coke and psychedelics in his teens.

“He’s never been in rehab before so at 57 to make that decision was really hard but I’m extremely proud of him,” says Ritzen.

We wish you the best Butch – you’ll always be our little munster!