Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds: Just Friends?

Former co-stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds rung in the New Year together…could love be blossoming?

The newly single duo dined at her restaurant Bess Bistro in Austin, Texas on New Year’s Eve. One source is revealing the two “sat next to each other and were holding hands at one point.”

Another source is also revealing that Sandra has been helping Ryan through his split with Scarlett Johansson. “They talk on the phone and she counsels him. She can relate to what he’s going through since the whole thing with Jesse [James] and her divorce. She invited him to come down to Texas for New Year’s.”

Reynolds is even confirmed [along with a group of friends] to have spent the weekend at Bullock’s home! However, don’t get your hopes up just yet, as a rep for the actress released a statement saying that the two are “nothing more than friends”.

On that note, a source is responding: “Stay tuned…they both just happen to be single at the same time and they have a lot of chemistry.”

Whether “friends” or something more, fans of The Proposal [in which the two played an on-screen couple], are loving the idea! Are you?


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