‘Twilight’ Stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split Again

Forgive and forget? Easier said than done for Robert Pattinson after last year’s cheating scandal between his then girlfriend Kristen Stewart and her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Pattinson, 27, never really got over the incident, and sources say that while Pattinson took Stewart back – he had a difficult time moving forward and let Stewart know it.

“He really put her through the ringer,” one insider told Us Weekly. “Ultimately, it was like, ‘Either we move past this or we don’t.’ It wasn’t good for either of them.”

“Rob always brings up the cheating scandal to Kristen,” a second source tells Us. “He hangs it over her head.”

On Sunday, Pattinson was photographed moving his possessions and dogs out of Stewart’s L.A. home in his pickup truck. “She tried, they both tried,” a source close to the couple reveaked. “They’re both good people. It was just not the right thing for either of them right now.”


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  1. I really don’t care about celebrity relationships, but they should have never have got back together. When you are in the spotlight like that, it’s hard to move on from the scandalous things in the past.