The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Will Joe & Teresa EVER make up?

Be it on or off camera, if there’s one thing the housewives of New Jersey don’t scrimp on, it’s drama. Since season 3 the show has focused on one of the biggest drama inducing storylines of all – Teresa Giudice and her Brother Joe Gorga’s strained relationship. Although the ongoing feud between the siblings and their partners predates the show, it wasn’t until the Gorgas joined RHONJ in 2011 that things really got heated. Since then we’ve been treated to an array of fights, arguments, make ups and inevitable re-breaks-ups, all of which began with that now infamous Christening of Joey Gorga.

Season 5 is now in full swing, and after a year of not speaking to one another, it looks like we’re set for another make up attempt, thanks to Caroline Manzo stepping in for the sake of Joe and Teresa’s father’s poor health. But will it work?

The Current Situation

It’s complicated, but let’s recap. Joey and his wife Melissa hadn’t spoken to Teresa or her husband Joe for almost a whole year since the last season ended with what can only be described as a fiery reunion. In that show we saw Teresa and her brother’s wife Melissa unleash a tsunami of vitriol, Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice taking potshots at one another, whilst cousin Kathy made disparaging remarks about Teresa’s father – and visa versa. Relationships were completely severed on all accounts for Teresa, with Melissa looking to sever them further by moving away because she didn’t want her kids attending the same school as the Giudice children. With the housing market down however, they decided not to sell the mansion.

Five episodes in to season 5, and contact has been reestablished. Teresa and Melissa spent an awkward afternoon with their children at a jewelry making store, which almost (aside from the bitchy retorts on Teresa’s part) looked like it could spark a family reunion. Caroline had stepped in and convinced both parties to meet with one another to start working through their problems – it didn’t get that far however, with a heated encounter at the gym where an unusually bitter Joe Gorga and an unusually calm (at least initially) Teresa Giudice ended up doing what they do best – unleashing those hot Italian tempers in one another’s faces.

There was also the awkward confrontation at Gia’s birthday party between Melissa, Teresa and the lady that always likes to stick her plastic nose in – Kim D.

Last Chance Saloon

This week’s episode saw straight talking, no bullsh*t cousin Rosie weigh in. After speaking with Joe Gorga (who agreed to give his sister one last chance) she met with Teresa. After a scotch-fueled argument over the family situation, they left on good terms – with plans for a big family reconciliation. Could Rosie be the one to help settle this once and for all?

Teresa & Joe – too similar?

On paper, both siblings and their partners should get on well. Both women enjoy family, the limelight and the more glamorous things in life. Both men are relatively relaxed, work in construction and live by the phrase ‘Happy wife, happy life’. Their lives ultimately mirror one another. Teresa and Joe are clearly brother and sister. They both have the same volatile temper, the same sense of humor, and the same strong principles on the importance of family. They’re also equally as vain as one another. Both work out regularly, both spend a fortune on clothes, and like many of the cast of RHONJ, neither are stranger’s to cosmetic enhancements. In series 1 we saw Teresa get her breast augmentation and in season 4 Joe confessed to looking after his hair with the aid of propecia. They have striking similarities to one another, which is perhaps why neither get along well.

Next Week…

Next week’s episode looks to be an explosive one, with trouble-maker extraordinaire Kim D spreading rumors that Melissa cheated on Joe Gorga (which we’re all guessing will have something to do with Teresa). If the season 5 promo is anything to go by, then this is set to be the first of many dramas that’ll be further adding fuel to the sibling’s feud. But will they ever make up? With Rosie assertively initiating a family reconciliation there’s certainly a chance, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be making up anytime soon at all. Make sure to catch the next episode Sunday night on Bravo, to find out.


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