Cult County Revealed: The Next eShop Game from Renegade Kid

Cult County Revealed: The Next eShop Game from Renegade Kid

Cult County, Renegade Kid’s long-teased first-person shooter for the Nintendo eShop, was finally revealed at PAX East this past weekend. Before the Penny Arcade Expo began, all that was known about the game was that it is to be a downloadable, single-player-only FPS. It was also previously revealed that the game is to support dual analog control options, thanks to Circle Pad Pro support. There was much speculation that the title would reprise one of Renegade Kid’s Nintendo DS IP’s, either Dementium or Moon. The latter was the least likely, due to the intellectual property rights being tied up with Moon‘s original publisher. Renegade Kid is looking to continue self-publishing on the eShop, so a deal was unlikely. Dementium, however was still a possibility heading into this weekend.

As it turns out, Cult County is a brand new IP. Nearly a year ago, Jools shared with us that he was interested in creating just that. While the game does not appear to have any ties to Dementium at all whatsoever, it certainly evokes the same creepy atmosphere. The demo allowed players, wrench in hand, to wander through a deserted churchyard and its graveyard. The whole are was covered in rust-colored dust being blown around, lowering the player’s visibility dramatically. 3D images of this environment can be seen by scanning the QR code on the right with a Nintendo 3DS.

Specific details about the game are still under wraps. Digging around the game’s website can reveal a few clues; obviously, the player is going to be dropped into an area that is more of a cult-driven community than a friendly neighborhood. And the horns and pentagram seem to indicate that this cult is centered on something a bit dark and sinister in nature. The site asks if players will “join the church of the perfect you”, while the church bares an inscription telling the player not to let their “temple be inhabited” by some sort of spirit. Creepy stuff, indeed.

Gameplay will likely involve melee combat, but it is currently unknown what other types of weapons will be available. Puzzle elements, exploration, and boss fights are likely, given the previous structure of Dementium and Moon. The plot and the player’s role in that story are also unknown. That said, Renegade Kid is bound to create a great, dark, and undoubtedly scary first-person game; they have already done this three times, and they are becoming exceedingly efficient at it.

We have reached out to Renegade Kid for more details. Cult County is due for release in 2013.