Next Xbox Announcement Event Revealed

Major Nelson has revealed via Twitter the details about an upcoming Xbox event. Revealed to take place on May 21st, this will be the reveal of the last major console player. Sony revealed their Playstation 4 console back in February.

The announcement will be streamed live via Xbox Live and in the US and Canada it will be viewable on SpikeTV. In a departure from other of these types of announcements, this event will actually take place in Redmond at the Xbox Campus. It’s also slightly odd in that 19 days later is E3. They hint that that’s where they will actually reveal their full line-up of games.

It is unknown what they will actually reveal at this event, but it’s pretty easy to speculate. Based on recent leaks, there is a significant amount of information about what they have in store. This includes the new console known as Durango, which by most accounts is on par with Sony’s Playstation 4 system in terms of power. It’s also extremely likely we’ll get a look at the new updated Kinect sensor, which is rumored to be not only standard on the new console but required.

Aside from that, there is the lingering question about their used game strategy. Recent controversy that have resulted from various rumored leaks and some tweets from an ex-Microsoft employee have fueled the idea that Microsoft will be implementing not only anti-piracy but anti-used game measures in its next console. This is rumored to be accomplished by requiring an internet connection at all times in order to play games. Although there have also been rumors denying this is the case. This announcement would be the time for Microsoft to dispel or confirm these rumors. Based on the most common reactions, it’d be in their best interest to do the former.

Beyond that, it’s also possible we will actually see Microsoft launch not one, but two consoles. The second one being the rumored Loop which is actually just a redesigned Xbox 360. The idea there is it would be a lower cost box, that could serve as cable set-top box replacement, allowing for access to Television and other entertainment apps as well as digital games only.

Finally, we should expect some game announcements, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. It is likely they want to save some of the bigger announcements for the press event at E3. However, one thing I think we can expect is actually seeing the hardware. Something Sony omitted from their Playstation 4 launch.

So the eighth generation of consoles is nigh. Mark May 21st on your calendars people. One way or another it will be a day to remember.


  1. Right before my birthday. It will be interesting to see if they have the guts to ignore the universal negative reaction to always online and utilize it anyway. I’m going PS4 if that’s the case.

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