Regis And Kelly Channel The Kardashians

For the Live Regis And Kelly Halloween episode this Friday, the cast donned more than 30 costumes, but one dress-up group portraying a famous clan stole the show.

For the main shot, Art Moore was Khloe, Kelly and Regis posed as Kris and Bruce Jenner, and Michael Gelman did his best portraying Scott Disick. Think that’s a shocking image? Well, shortly afterwards, Kelly Ripa took it upon herself to portray Kim and Kourtney, and I must say, Kelly looked gorgeous with those black extensions! Kim was shown as a high-heel wearing poser, while Kelly credited Kourtney by taking on her maternal side.

The show proved to be one of the top rated Halloween episodes thus far, and that’s not a surprise considering all the top names they touched down on! If nothing else, one thing was for sure: Kardashian fans, this was a can’t-miss!

Katy Perry, Elmo, Snooki, The Situation, Glee, Rachel Zoe, Roger Berman and J.Lo, Steven Tyler were also all included in the dress-up.


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