FanBolt’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Set Visit

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Vampire Diaries set located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The sound stages are only a 25 minute drive from our offices in Midtown, so when I got a last minute call on Thursday, I was out the door as quickly as I could be.

When I arrived to set I was whisked into the Mystic Grill set to wait for the first set of interviews which would be with Steven McQueen and Candice Accola. The pair weren’t actually working that day, but were gracious enough to come in just to talk with the press that was visiting. While we waited for them to arrive, we headed over to craft services and picked up some lunch. Options ranged from mashed potatoes, chicken parmesan, salads, cookies, and other items. To drink the options were water with cucumbers, lemonade, or ice tea. After rounding up some lunch, we headed back to Mystic Grill where we actually ate our lunches. I now can say I’ve actually eaten at Mystic Grill which I think is pretty freaking cool! Even though what I was eating didn’t at all match the typical bar foods that I saw on the menu (which if you were wondering looks like some pretty tastey options – too bad it’s not a real place we fans can go).

Steven McQueen [Jeremy Gilbert]

Steven and Candice arrived. I chatted with Steven first, opening with the most submitted question by the fans, ‘What can you tell us about Jeremy and Bonnie?’

Steven smiled and said, “The Jeremy and Bonnie storyline was very unexpected. When it started out, Kat and I were like ‘What?’, we just really didn’t see it. Then we did a couple scenes and the chemistry really came across on screen, and we were excited from that point on.”

“It has to be kind of slow and drawn out, because you know I’m her best friend’s little brother.” Steven revealed in reply to what’s coming up for the two.

I also asked him about what he thought about the possibility of Damon and Bonnie hooking up in the future as they did in the books. “Screw that.” Steven laughed, “I hope it doesn’t happen. I’ve really enjoyed our storyline, and I hope it continues along that path.”

Keep checking back for my full interview with Steven McQueen!

Candice Accola [Caroline Forbes]

Next, I sat down with Candice, who I adored! She was the most down-to-earth female I talked to from set (They were all super sweet though!). First topic of conversation was the fan question that was sent in the most. What’s going on with the love triangle with Caroline, Tyler, and Matt?

“That’s what makes that kind of circumstance really exciting is that you really don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know either. We’re only a couple episodes ahead at this point.” Candice revealed, “But if you really look at the relationships. Matt is Caroline’s first love, but there are just certain things they can’t relate on anymore. She’s gone through a really traumatic experience in her life, and even though her and Tyler aren’t alike in anyway – that traumatic experience really created an unbreakable bond between them.”

She also mentioned she had started a book club on set for the gals. The next book on their list? Lolita.

I also chatted with her about fashion, her most challenging scene, and tons more. Keep checking back for my full interview with Candice Accola!

Katerina Graham [Bonnie Bennett]

Due to construction that was happening all around the Mystic Grill set, we headed over to the cafeteria for the next round of interviews. First up was Katerina Graham who downplayed her current outfit, but still looked stunning. I started off asking her about future scenes between Bonnie and Jeremy. Would there be more coming up between them to get fans excited?

“I can definitely tell you we’ll be doing more scenes together,” Katerina slyly smiled, “I can definitely tell you that we’re working together on something very very exciting. And I can tell you that I love working with Steven McQueen.”

Then there was the question that fans asked me the most… what about her and Damon? Did she think there might be a future there? Like in the books?

“Sure, I mean why not.” Katerina answered, “We’ve done a lot of things by the books, and a lot of things not by the books. I love the Bamon (Bonnie and Damon) chemistry.”

“I love doing scenes with Ian, I think we have great chemistry. So yeah, I could see it happening. I mean they hate each other’s guts so why not?” Katerina laughed, “Makes total sense.”

So Bamon fans, Katerina is up for it, but it’s going to be up to the writers!

I also asked Katerina about all the cute clothes she wears on the series, mentioning how much I love her Free People clothing.

“I love Bonnie’s style.” Katerina smiled, “Bonnie full out represents Free People. She’s Miss Free People.”

More of fashion, Bamon chemistry, and the actress’ most challenging Vampire Diaries coming shortly in my full interview with her. Keep checking back!

Sara Canning [Jenna Sommers]

Next, I chatted with Sara Canning. My first question for her? Is there any chance of Jenna getting her degree soon?

“You know I wish I knew.” Sara replied, “I don’t really know that much of what’s coming up. I’m kinda kept in the dark as much as Jenna is.”

“But that’d be great though. Have a huge graduation ceremony.. a huge party! I don’t know. She’s working hard at her Masters though so we’ll see.” Sara smiled.

The most asked fan question was of course- What’s coming up with Alaric?

“She’s got a really good thing going with Alaric, but it might not always be smooth sailing. I’ll just say that much,” Sara teased.

I also spoke with Sara about her most challenging scene, favorite things to do in Atlanta, and her writing. So keep a look out for that in my full interview with her coming soon!

Matt Davis [Alaric Saltzman]

Matt Davis always provides some of the most entertaining and comical answers in interviews. When asked who he’d like to see play Klaus (a future character on the series who is being cast now), Matt jokingly replied first with Justin Bieber and secondly with Samuel L. Jackson. It’s impossible not to be smiling and giggling while talking to this man.

What does he want to see happen with Alaric and Jenna? He said he was unsure, and then asked me what I wanted to see. I admitted I was a romantic and would like to see them live happily ever after. Matt said he wasn’t a romantic, and when I asked if he wanted to tragedy he seemed to like the idea. But as far as what’s coming up, mums the world. Matt isn’t giving away any details about the budding romance between Alaric and Jenna.

For more craziness with Matt Davis, check back for my full interview with him!

Julie Plec [Vampire Diaries Writer]

The surprise of the day was Julie Plec one of the masterminds behind The Vampire Diaries. She happened to be in the production office, and she agreed to swing by and chat with us. I have such admiration for this woman, so getting to chat with her in a *calmer* setting than a Comic Con press room with a 100 press people was something I felt very blessed to be able to do. And Julie didn’t disappoint us either.

A lot of fans have been wondering, how much more is there that we don’t know about the Mystic Falls mythology?

“There’s always going to be extra skeletons buried. Literal and figurative in Mystic Falls. It’s got a lot of history, and it’s had a lot of blood shed.” Julie explained, “One of the things that drew Kevin (Williamson) and I to this project was when we first read the books, in book 3 or 4, when all the civil war soldiers rose up from their graves and fought back against Klaus. He realized that Mystic Falls is special, because there has been so much loss of life and so much blood shed that it is almost a stop on the supernatural map.”

And of course, I had to ask about big relationship moments that would be upcoming, would there be any moments for the Damon/Elena fans? Julie described a bit about their relationship and how it’s all built upon the “yet”.

“As he said to Elena in that episode: ‘I don’t deserve you.’ And he doesn’t… yet. Their relationship, in my opinion, is all about the yet, and the when. Because when he deserves her, which he’s working really hard to do, then there’s a conversation to be had about what the two of them can be together.” Julie explained.

As a huge Damon/Elena fan, I found this answer somewhat satisfying. The writers know they have us right where they want us. And in all honesty, once they start giving us what we want – will we still want it as badly? Maybe. But the build up is what we really love isn’t it?

Keep an eye out for my full interview with Julie Plec coming very soon!

Ian Somerhalder [Damon Salvatore]

Ian Somerhalder was the busiest actor on set that day. He was brought into chat between scenes. He was in for 3 minutes, out for 20, back for 3 minutes, and that’s sadly all the time we got with him. Hoping for more next time around. But we did get to talk with him about a couple things. How does he want the Damon/Elena relationship to evolve?

“I just want him to make out with her eventually. I mean Stefan gets both of them. And I think it’s just time to pay the fiddler. I have no idea how that’s ever going to happen by the way.” Ian replied, “I would just like to see him be in her good graces. For her to see that he’s not such a dick. But the problem is, he is. So I don’t really know where I want that to go. All I know is that I want him to protect her.”

Keep an eye out for my full interview with Ian Somerhalder coming later this week!

After that, it was a wrap for me. After being on set for around 8 hours, I was pretty exhausted. As press, when you visit a set, you spend a lot of time sitting around and waiting to get time with the cast. I absolutely love being on set though. And perhaps it’s because I am a huge TV junkie, but I think there’s a bit of a magical vibe. This is where they are filming a show that millions of people adore and look forward to every week, and it’s just simply put “cool” to be around that.

My actual full interviews with each of the above actors are coming very shortly so keep checking back! And be sure to follow me on twitter at @emmaloggins for more Vampire Diaries updates!

Your Pop Culture Junkie,
Emma Loggins


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  1. No problem! I have some Bamon juice from Julie as well coming your way as well as some more comments on it from Kat! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great questions and the bamon ones as well Emma! Just wished Ian wasn’t so busy so he could be asked about bamon because Kat is always being asked that.Thanks again! -Monique

  3. Thanks so much for Bamon ones and others as I’m lookin’ fwd to see the rest =) but I just wish Ian make time so I can see his POV on Bamon & Kat cause we already know where she stands with! so Thanks again! – Eva

  4. It was on my list to ask him, but he was just too busy that day. 🙁 I promise I’ll ask him next time though! He did chat with me about being naked on his birthday though, so I think you’ll all still enjoy it! 🙂

  5. Holy crap, Matt Davis looks so dreamy in the pic of you and him. *sighs* LOL Good recap Emma, can’t wait to read the full interviews!!

  6. haha Thanks 🙂 We’ll be doing Ian’s interview first! CW has requested that I hold the full interviews until closer to win the new episodes start again, so that will be when we start with those!

  7. Thank you so much for asking the Damon/Bonnie questions…i do hope u will ask Damon his view upon this ship next time…amazing interviews…keep up the gud work…)

  8. Not a part of TV Guide, though they were on set the day we were. Above the Bamon mentions were from Steven McQueen and Kat Graham. I did ask Julie about it as well though and that will coverage will be coming a bit closer to the new episodes 🙂

  9. Just realized, we have to wait closer to the new episodes for the bamon thing from Julie. You’re killing me Emma!LOL. I’ll manage though, hopefully it’s worth the wait 😀

  10. No problem Bam! I think Julie said a bit more about it than I’ve seen before, so hopefully it will be worth the wait for the Bamon fans! 🙂 And if you guys have follow-ups, I will totally take those with me next time too! 🙂

  11. I think it’s just the fact that he’s the bad boy and that him and Elena have this great tormented chemistry together. At least that’s what it is for me. 🙂

  12. Totaly agree with you Emma, thats what does it for me. Its not just cause Damon is ridiculously good looking, that can only get you so far in my opinion.

  13. Great interview! I would like to see the Bonnie/Damon chemistry that came out in the books though – I was so wrapped into those moments when reading. I love that Candice started a book club – I love the Candace/Matt scenes so much, but I would rather see her with Damon! Klaus – I remember him from the books. I would like to see Wesley Snipes play him [though we all know the Feds won’t be letting him out of prison anytime soon]. I love that you got to chat with Julie! Cannot wait to read the rest!