Adam Scott Talks Atlanta, Jon Hamm, And ‘Friends With Kids’

Saturday night, Adam Scott made a surprise stop at an Atlanta theater for a fan Q/A after a showing of his latest flick Friends With Kids. Adam talked about what it was like filming the movie in just 2 weeks, what it was like working the cast, and what he was doing in Atlanta.

FanBolt was on hand to cover the event, and we were pretty impressed with the fan questions! Our favorite (which you can see in the video below at the 07:00 mark) is when a fan asked whose hotter – Jon Hamm or Megan Fox”

“Jon Hamm or Megan Fox… Well I think what they should do is… they should **** and make a super insane looking baby,” Adam answered invoking crowd laughter, “I mean if they had a baby, that baby would become President of the United States, like right after it was born. We would need it to be the leader of the world.”

So what was Adam doing in Atlanta?

“I’m filming a movie here. We start on Monday. It’s called ‘Adult Children of Divorce.’ It’s a comedy.” Adam informed fans, “It has a great cast. It has Jane Lynch, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O’Hara, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Alba, and Amy Poehler.”

We suggested that there needs to be an Atlanta Parks and Recreation season finale party since both Adam Scott and Amy Poehler are in town… we’re going to keep our fingers crossed!

For more of the Q/A check out the full fan video below! And swing by my Twitter for my new favorite photo of Adam Scott!


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