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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Holiday Giveaway

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Holiday Giveaway

We’re giving away a Vampire Diaries prize pack! Can’t make up your mind which Salvatore team you’re on? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Check out the details below.

Salvatore Brothers Fan Package
Vampire Diaries “Team Stefan” Women’s Fitted T-Shirt
Vampire Diaries “Damon: The Beginning” Clutch Wallet.

Product Description:
Vampire Diaries “Team Stefan” Women’s Fitted T-Shirt
Show everyone which brother’s side you’re on with this “Team Stefan” t-shirt. This women’s fitted black t-shirt features a black and white image of the lovesick vampire Stefan Salvatore from the hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Available in women’s sizes. Please note: this women’s shirt is a trim style that runs small. Order one size larger than usual or consider a traditional cut adult shirt.

Vampire Diaries “Damon: The Beginning” Clutch Wallet
Keep your money safe and organized with this Vampire Diaries clutch wallet. This wallet features an image of Damon Salvatore on the front and the words, “I have a feeling this is just the beginning.” on the back. Includes several inside pockets for credit cards, cash, ID, and coins. Measures approximately 7 x 4 inches with a metal clasp closure.

To Enter:
All you need to do enter is comment on this post telling us why you’re the biggest fan of the Salvatore brothers, or which one of the brothers you love most! We’ll select a winner on December 14th! So make sure you check back here to see if you win, or follow us on Facebook and we’ll announce the winner there as well!

We’ll have 1 more Vampire Diaries contest, so be sure to check back! And be sure to check our Vampire Diaries forums and make a couple posts while you’re here!

We’ll also be visiting the Vampire Diaries set next week and will be asking questions submitted by the fans, so keep an eye out for your chance to submit questions!


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  1. I LOVE Damon because first of all he’s gorgeous, second of all he’s so nice! Everybody thinks he’s mean but around Elena he’s so sweet and it’s so sad that he never gets what he wants and that’s why I love Damon hehe

  2. Damon has been my favorite from day one, everybody loves the bad boy 😉 I also always am attracted to characters that have the best one liners, and that is definetly Damon. Sure he is dangerous, but thats part of the fun. *swoons* LOL

  3. The Salvatore Brothers caught my attention because 1: They Are Vampires and 2: The are siblings in rivalry. The whole concept of The Vampire Diaries was the only thing to break me away from reading Twilight for the 9th time. I’m still in confusion of if I even want the two to treat each other like brothers, because Damon is known for back-stabbing. Stefan Salvatore is the one I favor, and here’s why: the knight and shining armor type, a little shy, always truthful to Elena, and everything I want in a guy! Truth be told, I would have to take my Robert Pattinson shirts of the closet rack because next to Stefan, Edward doesn’t stand a chance!

  4. the reason i live vampire diaries hmmmm lets see they keep ya gusseing to next epersode and love the way damon and bother have gone good 🙂

  5. Damon’s definitely my favorite. He always acts like he’s mean, but deep down he’s really good, especially around Elena. He’s always so good to her and you can tell how much he really cares.

  6. DAMON!!! he is broken, like most people, and needs someone to put the pieces back together. plus it is nice to see a current vampire who isnt so pouty and girly. ian somerhalder does an amazing job portraying him, no one else could pull it off! vampire diaries is definitely the best show/book out there. it has everything you could want, suspense, action, love, mystery, heat. it is definitely my favorite!! 🙂

  7. I like damon the most cause he always knows how to play the rebelious one and i have to support mr. ian somerhalder cause he was nice enough to have a private lunch with me last christmas eve. he’s seriously the sweetest guy ever and does the best job as damon so i gotta support him 🙂

  8. I LOVE STEFAN!! He is absolutely the best boyfriend a girl could have. He is so sweet, thoughtful, and caring to Elena. Plus he stayed in Mystic Falls just so he could know her! I can see why girls like Damon. He’s hot, funny, and dangerous. But speaking from a girl who is done with the bad boys, Stefan is all of that plus he won’t try to kill your brother! 🙂 I love TVD!!! I was hooked in just 15 minutes!!!

  9. I like Damon the most because he plays the bad brother but has managed to have some very touching moments throughout the show!!!!

  10. HI! 🙂 i would really love to be considered for the prize 🙂

    i want to say that I LOVE THE SALVATORE BROTHERS!!!! to me, stefan and damon as a UNIT is what makes the show. the brother bond is the key and without those two together, it wouldn’t feel right. they are so much better together than they are apart. damon’s love for his little brother is what made him more human and relatable in the early days of this show and it is through this love that i see something redeemable in damon. he is really learning to grow and become someone admirable because of his willingness to sacrifice his own happiness for his brother. even as much as damon denies that he cares about stefan, it is written all over his face whenever stefan is in trouble. nobody messes with his little brother!!!! and stefan’s loves for damon breaks my heart!!! he wants so much to hate damon, but he cant! no matter how hard he tries, he knows that he loves damon and wants him to change. stefan is even willing to let damon’s feelings for elena slide because stefan knows that it is helping damon. that is a one of a kind type of person and through that you can see just how much stefan feels for damon. i can not choose between them!!! damon brings the laughter and stefan brings the heart. TEAM SALVATORE ALL THE WAYYYY!!!! 🙂

  11. I love both Salvatore brothers!!! Even though I have a soft place in my heart for Stefan, I can’t deny Damon’s charm and wit. When I watch them interact, it reminds me of real siblings. They have deep issues, fight, but in the end they always have eachother’s back! One of my favorite episodes is when Damon saves Stefan from the tomb vampires who are torturing him. Damon makes you believe he hates Stefan and wants to make Stefan’s life miserable, but in the end Damon would die for his brother. Damon makes life so hard for Stefan, but Stefan always forgives him. It broke my heart to see Stefan so hurt when Damon killed Lexi, but he still couldn’t find it in his heart to retaliate against his brother. I LOVE the Salvatore brothers together!!!! In the first season they were so funny making snide remarks at eachother, but I love that in the second season they’re really becoming a team. The Salvatore Brothers make Thursdays my favorite part of the week!!!! 🙂

  12. I AM THE SALVATORE BROTHERS’ BIGGEST FAN!!! 🙂 How can you not love Paul and Ian?? They’re both soo cute and talented!! I can never choose which Salvatore Brother I love the most! Damon is gorgeous and funny, but complicated and spontaneous at the same time! You never know what Damon will say or do, and I love that!! Sometimes you think he’s ruthless, but then he does something so nice for someone else! The producers did an AWESOME job of picking Ian for the role of Damon!!! But I can’t believe they weren’t sure at first of Paul for Stefan!!!! That’s crazy!!! Paul and Nina have unbeatable chemistry, and I really hope Stefan and Elena get back together!!! 🙂 Stefan has such a big heart and is always taking care of Elena and her friends! The best part about Stefan is that he’s so caring and sweet, even though he’s always tortured with his past and thirst to drink human blood! I can see why Katherine wants him back!! 😉 Why do I LOVE the Salvatore Brothers?? Oh let me count the ways… !!!:)

  13. well i love both brothers, together they are the perfect guy. although damon has always had my heart (i liked him better in season one when he was more evil) i loved the books, and i though they did a perfect job with bringin the shows/characters to live on tv

  14. I love them both! But Damon is by far my favorite, because I have always fallen for the guys who are tough on the outside but are really sweet and sensitive on the inside. Damon takes that to a whole new level and Ian is perfect for the part. He has really evolved throughout the series, and I have become so attached to his character. I never thought that I could love a television show so much, but the Vampire Diaries has proven me wrong! It is pretty much the only tv show I watch besides Supernatural. I have watched each and every episode at least a dozen times, and I never get tired of it. I find something new every time I do. The writers, producers, and cast have really found a winner and they mesh so well together and this is why the show will continue to be a phenomenal sensation!!! 😀

  15. I love the Salvatore Brothers because…well…. they are HOT! But with Ian Somerhalder being my favorite actor naturally he is my favorite Salvatore brother! Go Team Damon! He is truly THE sexiest beast that has ever walked this earth! I love his snarky comments and that cute smirk of his! And hey, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

  16. xDriftAway90x you’re our winner! Just drop [email protected] an email from the same address as your account is registered with so we can verify that it’s you and then let us know where you would like the prizing sent and we’ll get it out to you asap! Congrats!! More Vampire Diaries contests coming very soon!


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