The Jonas Brothers Record Album On The Road

THE JONAS BROTHERS literally recorded their new album on the go – A LITTLE
LONGER was taped on their tour bus.

The trio of superstar siblings begged their managers to fit their van with
recording studio – so that they could record their third LP while on the
with teen sensation Miley Cyrus.

Youngest brother Nick Jonas explains, “We knew that we wouldn’t have much
time (to record in a studio), because we were about to go shoot (Disney
Camp Rock, and right after that, we’d be on tour with Miley. So… we asked
management team, ‘How can we get into the studio to do this?’ We wound up
bringing a tour bus out on the road that was retro-fitted to be a studio.”

But the travelling recording sessions were not without their technical

Jonas adds: “Obviously, there were some vocal things that needed to be
redone, and some drums, because you’d have the generator of the bus in the
background. So when we finished the tour, we went into the studio to make a
couple of fixes here and there, and basically the rest of it was done!”



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