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Tokio Hotel Meet Jonas Brothers

Tokio Hotel Meet Jonas Brothers


Ahead of the MTV Video Music Awards, their supporters discuss the question with vigor, as to which band is actually the more incredible. There is talk of Tokio Hotel, the most successful German rock band, and the Jonas Brothers, currently America’s greatest pop band. At this year’s VMA awards on September 7th in L.A., they came together in the category “Best Pop Video”, further stoking up the discussion from supporters of both bands. And the question on everybody’s lips – does this translate to competition between the two bands themselves? The truth is there is nothing of the sort, quite the opposite. Tokio Hotel (who won the MTV VMA category “Best New Artist”) and Jonas Brothers have one thing in common: while Tokio Hotel are currently superstars in Europe who are successfully capturing great attention and fans across the United States, the superstars from America, Jonas Brothers, have planned to conquer Europe. No wonder the guys had a lot of things to tell each other, when they met shortly before the MTV VMAs in New York. They got along great and shared a lot of experiences – and for sure there will be more, next time they meet each other.

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  1. ??? wrote: fanbolt you jonas bitchs!!!!!!

    TOKIO HOTEL the best fanbolt to the rest!!!!!! poor bill have to do a foto with them…but after he take a bath so….you are clean again!!!!! :)))

  2. mizz bill kaualitz wrote: jonas suck my d**k! i rele don like em much… wtf.. thier not even a real BAND.. just a group of preppy brothers who look so fagety

  3. mizz bbill kaulitz wrote: sorry for my 1st comment i spelled it wrong … es its “Nummer”.. lol nicht nuumer.. lol.. das is falsch!.. the reason why im speaking german is cause my boyz.. ” tokio hotel” are from germany and i am alos.. wanted to show german/tokio hotel pride

  4. ????? wrote: wow i love them all and see them together on the same picture….uhhmmm… kinda weird thought but they look hot…

    and tom and joe are next to each other!! i fainted when i saw this at first xD

  5. ginatokiolieber! wrote: hmmmm
    as much as i am competly obsessed with tokio hotel
    i dnt really like the jonas brothers
    come on
    we all know tokio hotel are waaay better!
    the jonas brothers arent anything new
    they’re not anything special
    whereas tokio hotel are!
    they’re a german rock band!
    and are HUUUGGGEEE in europe!
    thats a bigger acheivement than anything the jonas brothers have done ¬¬

  6. Paula Kaulitz (ilovebill) wrote: alrighty well im a die hard tokio hotel fan.
    i dont HATE the jonas brothers some music is ok, abit too mainstream but yea some songs are good.
    but i lovelovelovelovelovelove Tokio hotel. and jonas brothers are more disney while TH is more mature ya know? i dont want to offend any jonas fans, even tho the jonas fans offend us TH fans but hey we rnt all the same ya kno. so jonas fans if you dnt have anything to say other than TH sucks dick then just stfu. geez.
    plus jonas brother have only been in america TOkio Hotel rules the rest of the world!! and alot of US!! WOOOOTT! and again dont wanna be mean. im just a huge TH fan. <3

  7. by kaulitz girls wrote: I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL SO MUCH! they really have the guts to standout in every concert they have done…they are so talented and not to mention they are so Hot burnin hot!!! its weird to see Jonas brothers and Tokio Hotel together i mean the two successful bands in different country WoW…that is just so amazing! Tom is so hot wheepw! his an amazing guitarist Nick too in Jonas Brothers…
    im an obsessed Tokio Hotel Fan I Love You Guys MwuUahhhh,


  9. th rulesssssssssssssss wrote: i love tokio hotel like anything and im so happy that they won the vma awards i voted for them like more than 6O TIMES I even like the jonas brothers but love th more tokio hotel are even famous in india in asia and i am an indian and me and my friends love tokio hotel

  10. sara wrote: ciao io vivo a roma e sono una grandissima fan dei tokio hotel .sono stata al loro concerto il 6 luglio e li ho anche incontrati …è stata un emozione grandissima fare la foto con tommmmm che mi stava attaccatoooooooooo……un bacio a tutte le fan…

  11. sara wrote: ciao io vivo a roma e sono una grandissima fan dei tokio hotel .sono stata al loro concerto il 6 luglio e li ho anche incontrati …è stata un emozione grandissima fare la foto con tommmmm che mi stava attaccatoooooooooo……un bacio a tutte le fan…

  12. anabui kaulitz wrote: tom is great i love that boy! TOM YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Please guys come to ALBANIA you have got a lot opf fans here, you don;t imagine how much! luv ya TOM from bujana. XoXo

  13. anabui kaulitz wrote: hey sorry but i don’t think the same of the jonas brother. they are 3 cute boys but not as tokio hotel’s guys they are really cute specially tom. tom je me i miri ZEMER( this is albanian)! te duaaaaa. XOXO for all the fans

  14. Chels wrote: I love both bands!! I would love to see them tour together but see how much it is to get into a JB concert….there is no way!! I love Tokio Hotel and I love Jonas Brothers (not as much)!!!!

    ~TH & JB Fan as Allies~

  15. todo x tkio hotel wrote: sho creo ke la comptncia es armada x los fans xke hasta entoncs no ce conosian………….y es +escuche ke el mismo bill dejo ke no c conocian hasta entoncs y ke la mucik de los jonas no la conocian…….

    oca ke la competncia…….es de los fans……….

  16. Wilzen wrote: Are the jonas brothers good enough to beat my tokio hotel??
    are they??…tokio hotel beats all bands even the the legendary ” THE BEATLES”…

  17. muza wrote: does you watch mtv ema awards???I sam so happy because tokiom hotel take a prize…and on mtv in los angelesu…

  18. Two school girls wrote: School girl number one- Ok i dont think its gonna work. There are too many fights about JB and TH. I love TH but i dont really listen to JB so i guess its up to them but i wouldnt exactly see other fans liking this THERE WILL BE A MURDER!

    School girl number two – i disagree with girl number one cause JB are great but i am not a fan of th and don’ think would work so dont do it as both of the bands have different types of music and thats fine but it shouldnt clash!

    And me and school girl number 2 are friends and we listen to different music so what anyway for the last time DONT DO IT!


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