Neyo Welcomes His First Child

R&B singer Neyo has welcomed his first child into the world.

This past Saturday in Atlanta, the 31-year-old singer and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw were in the delivery room while most of us were out and about.

And like most celebrities these days, Neyo took to Twitter to express his excitement, saying: “Much luv to my twit fam and everybody showin’ luv to my new addition!! She’s healthy and happy. Feels like I’m in luv for the first time.”

Ne-Yo continued: “Much love to my rider and my new lil’ rider. Life starts now……and I promise I’ll do my best or die tryin’. Love y’all!!…Brand new baby, brand new album. Life is GOOD!!!! Nov. 22nd, around the corner!!!”

Congratulations Neyo, and nice little addition getting your album in there for promotion!


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