Microsoft Announces Twitch Streaming and More For March Update

Come March 11th, Microsoft has some big releases on their plate. The biggest is, of course, Titanfall. However they’re also releasing an update to the console design to address some fan complaints and add a major feature. We’re talking about Twitch live streaming.


While live streaming has been available on the PlayStation 4 since launch, it has been conspicuously absent one Xbox One. Touted as a major feature before launch, the feature was not present at launch and there were no indications of when it might arrive. Now, Microsoft has finally announced that it’s launch will coincide with a batch of updates to social features and the launch of their biggest exclusive, Titanfall. Below is a quick rundown of how Twitch will run on the Xbox One and it’s features:

  • It will integrate Kinect, allowing you to use voice commands to Start and Stop Broadcasting.
  • You can chat with players as you stream and they can chat with you.
  • You can assign a moderator to manage the chat comments
  • Chat will show up to 10 lines, allow participants to choose custom colors and use emoticons.
  • You can set up private parties and thus chat only with friends.
  • Gamercards will be easily accessible through the stream, allowing you to quickly follow users.
  • Twitch activity will appear in the friends stream, allowing people to see what you’re doing and allowing you to see what people you follow are doing on Twitch.
  • You can set up notifications to let you know when someone you’re following starts streaming.
  • You can stream videos regardless of their source.
  • You archive your Twitch Broadcasts.
  • You can provide a picture-in-picture of yourself as you play with Kinect and/or add commentary.
  • Twitch will also come with Achievements you can unlock know as Media Achievements.

These are just the Twitch part of the update. For more info on the remaining social features coming in March, check out the video below: