Shailene Woodley Raises Money For Charity with ‘Divergent’ Screening

Shailene Woodley raised $60,000 for her All it Takes charity at an advanced screening of her new film Divergent.

The 22 year old hosted the event, which drew a crowd of 400 eager fans to a cinema in Thousand Oaks, California, on Monday night. Woodley was joined by co-star Theo James and Divergent author Veronica Roth at the special screening, and together they raised $60,000 for her organisation, which she launched to promote youth empowerment four years ago.

The money raised from the screening will help to sponsor two instructional camps for kids.

Woodley previously told The Hollywood Reporter that through All it Takes she hopes to urge teens to “believe in yourself”, noting that her organisation’s core beliefs are quite similar to those of her character Tris, in Divergent.

She explained, “All It Takes is about bringing the community together to support one another and to encourage each other with leadership, positivity, compassion, empathy, and I think that Tris’ journey really exemplifies that.”


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