Jon Hamm Talks Crowd Control, Beer and Filming ‘Million Dollar Arm’

Jon Hamm and director Craig Gillespie struggled to get the perfect take while filming Million Dollar Arm on the streets of India, because crowds of locals would constantly walk in front of the cameras.

The Mad Men star portrays sports agent J.B. Bernstein in the new film, which chronicles the real-life story of two Indian cricketers who became baseball pitchers in America, and although Hamm insists residents were “the most pleasant, friendly, welcoming people” he has ever encountered, he admits it wasn’t easy shooting in such populated areas like the city of Mumbai.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, “Crowd control doesn’t exist. On our first day of shooting, it’s 6.45am and it’s already 90 degrees.

“The door opens to the van, and they point halfway down the block to where I’m supposed to go. But there are 90,000 people between me and (the cameras). Cows are walking through the set. It sounds like a joke, but it wasn’t.”

Crowding wasn’t the only problem the Million Dollar Arm cast and crew faced – everyone except Hamm fell ill during their stay in India and the actor is convinced it is because he stuck to a simple diet.

He says, “All I ate was rice and lentils. And I only drank beer.”

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