Which ‘The Voice’ Judge Is (Probably) Being Replaced?

If you guessed the judge with the bun in her oven, then congratulations, you have superior deduction skills!

According to The Wrap, the currently preggo Christina Aguilera will be taking time away from The Voice next season and producers have been eyeing the head Harajuku girl herself, Gwen Stefani, as X-tina’s replacement.

News of Gwen’s addition to the cast follows on the heels of Pharrell ( aka Mr. ‘Happy’) joining  as Cee-Lo’s replacement. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will both return.  If the replacement rumors are true, this could make for a season of The Voice that’s interesting enough for even me to want to check out (I’ve got nothing against The Voice, I’ve just been overloaded on music/reality competition shows for about 5 years now).

Between years of experience in the industry, both as a solo artist and part of a group, Gwen should have no problems guiding the young talent presented this season toward success.

Don’t fret Christina fans…The Hollaback Girl is only signing on for one season. The Voice‘s First Lady will be returning as judge for the following spring season.

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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