ABC’s ‘Apartment 23’ Cast Speaks Out About The Show And It’s Characters

After news came confirming that an ABC pilot renamed Apartment 23 would possibly hit airwaves with former Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek playing himself on the show, fans have been long awaiting more news of this comedy and if it will make it to air…

While there’s still no word on if the pilot, initially named Don’t Trust the Bi— in Apartment 23 will make it to air, some of the cast including Van Der Beek are speaking out about the characters on the show.

“We’ve created this alternate character that bears a passing resemblance to me, but is much funnier than I am,” Van Der Beek says. “I play an actor named James Van Der Beek who’s single, and using the fact that he was on Dawson’s Creek to get laid. It’s a totally bizarre version of me, but we just go with what’s funniest.”

Van Der Beek admits that he was a bit hesitant about even playing the part, saying: “Yeah, you know, I did scratch my head about it a little bit. But it was honestly the funniest pilot I read all year, by far. I thought I’d be crazy not to be associated with this.”

And considering the writer is Nahnatchka Khan [who writes Family Guy], I’m betting my money this is a sure-fire laugh-fest. Krysten Ritter stars as “the bi—” — that is, an eccentric girl with an usual moneymaking scheme. “She posts for roommates, takes their money — first month’s and last month’s rent and deposit — and then acts crazy and forces them to move out. And I am the b—-‘s best friend.”

Sounds interesting. Do you want to see the show make it to air — would you watch religiously or from time to time?