Bates Motel Season Finale: Norman and Emma’s Relationship Takes a Twist

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Fans of Psycho know that Bates Motel‘s Norman Bates does that not have a happily-ever-after. But what if Norman was suddenly able to be normal… who would end up with and have a happy life with?

We recently chatted with Bates Motel star Freddie Highmore about which character he would pick for Norman to have a “normal” and “happy” life with, and what he revealed is that there may just be a twist coming for the female character we all love and adore, Emma.

“Well I guess his mother really isn’t it.” Highmore laughs at the question of who Norman could be happy with.

“I mean I think there’s this still kind of unexplored relationship with Emma that is – they’ve got tension there that’s constantly been and has never quite gone as far as it could have at different moments.” Highmore continues to reveal. “And that’s another pair off I think that comes in the last episode. We see Norman’s relationship with Emma take a twist and perhaps the one that we expected.”

What does that teaser mean? Does that mean they get together? Does that mean he kills her? What relationship track do you predict for Norman and Emma?

Let us know your thoughts below.


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